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decision time

rmbrmb Posts: 22
completed my first tri at driffield about 3 weeks ago and enjoyed it now i cant decide if i should take the next step and enter a open water event next sunday. i would have to buy a wetsuit (i have narrowed down my choice orca s2 2009 or orca equip 2008) and i must admit my training has dropped off lately due to a injury but a part of me is saying just go for it .i am feeling fit but i think i just need a shove one way or the other.

advice and recomendations please


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    andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    Just do it mate....OW is better than pool swimming....you'll enjoy it even more...get in to it

    btw...is it liverpool your thinking of doing??
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    ipay1980ipay1980 Posts: 84
    assuming you have got enough bike and run fitness, it comes down to how strong a swimmer you are.

    if you have not swum open water before, some people take to it better than others. Main things to overcome are being comfortable not seeing anything! being able to breath bi laterally to overcome waves in your mouth! being able to sight well so you do not go off course! not jumping when you catch a weed! and being able to take your wetsuit off quicklly!!

    i would suggest to do at least one open water training sesssion prior to doing an open water tri, so that you do not have a bad experience that wil then put you off!

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    rmbrmb Posts: 22

    i used to swim well mess about in the sea quite a bit about 10 years ago so i am not too woried about the open water its the masses of people swiming over me and pushing me to the bottom.i have a few days off work next week so i have time to practice


    no its not the liverpool event is at allerthorpe.thanks for the encoragement

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