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London - how did you all do?



    I did my first Olympic on sunday got lost on the swim coming back. Bike was good run a bit slow but over all very please 2:15 06.

  • hi,

    I had a very cool # :5000, my swim however was not cool and was almost 2 mins slower than last year.

    Although only in my second season, got to say this was the worse swimming experience so far (0800 SUN) I have never been punched around the back of the head and kicked in face/chest so much. When I finally got any clear water, I'd end up coming up behind someone who at that exact moment would change to breast stroke bringing all the problems of trying to swim around their frog legs!!

    Hey you guys who went through the Blackwall tunnel, where did you go wrong. I and many others went through the Limehouse Link!!!

    Did a 1:09'15" bike and 40'53" run, if only I could swim I could have improved my 2:26'54" time. However came 77th out of just under 1100 so chuffed with that.

    Got told off when got home after buying an orca 3.8 wetsuit for £150 - bargain.

    With 4 sprints, 4 oly's, a half and a full IM under my belt, thought it was time to replace my Aqua Sphere 'Rookie' wetsuit. If only it was the suit holding me back!!!
  • Ahh that's why my bike time was so poor....went the long way round through the Blackwall tunnel ![;)]
  • Geoff_BGeoff_B Posts: 12
    10947 - Blue tri suit, with very delighted punch at the for beating my PB!! Even if it was by a minute!
  • colgcolg Posts: 3
    Howdy Ladies and Gents

    First post on here and first season competing. Did the sprint at London on Saturday - my 5th event so far and came in on 1hr 33m. Had a decent swim at 16m and then got a puncture on first lap of the bike. Reckon I lost about 8 minutes or so but still just pleased to have got round.

    Great atmosphere and great fun - just a shame it took me almost 4 hours to get to the Excel from Bromley (8 miles away)!!! Only just made my wave!

    Number 2056 - I'm the nonce in the white suit. No way thats coming out next season!

    Triathlon is awesome!

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