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Polar HRM???

Alright All,

I know the HRM thing has been done to death on here but I am seriously considering buying a Polar HRM and could really use some advice please. The burning question is Which damn one??!! Arrgghh

Does anyone have one and if so what is it and would you recommend it? If not what would you suggest and why?

I want it mainly for running and cycling but if it can be used swimming then thats good. I wouldnt mind GPS as do other outdoor stuff and it would come in handy for that. I really want to be able to pace myself on the bike and running and obviously want to know what HR zone I am in etc.

I have been looking at the s725x, RS800G3 amongst others. I dont like the fact that Garmin appear to be only water resistant not water proof.

All help would be much appreciated. Thanks Chris


  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    This may not be much of a helpful answer, but you really just need to decide how much you can afford and which functions you think you will require/use. You can swim with all Polar watches and you can get any number of features. If i could afford it I would go with one of the two you mention, because I like what you can do with them. But it really has to be your choice.

  • rodderzrodderz Posts: 14
    I bought a second hand S725x on ebay. It is good and I use it all the time except swimming. It has a crack in the case and buttons which apparently is normal. Anyways I find it useful for training, I think the best thing is that it uploads in to the training diary and it can store it for ages too. I use the limits too
  • rodderzrodderz Posts: 14
    i forgot, my mother uses the Garmin Forerunner and so does a colleague and they love them. so i guess it is much of a muchness.
  • The S725 looks great and I'm sure it does the job at that price. Have done the HRM thing to death myself and I just went for the cost effective route to do the job, solid and reliable Polar RS200. Robust and no hassle, got a deal too here http://www.outdoor-athlete.com/products.asp?cat=122 and you do get them on ebay.

    Think you can get too wrapped up in the GPS stuff... unless you're seriously a pro!?
  • lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Yeah that does look pretty good and to be honest its mainly for running I want it. Think I am gonna spend the money on upgrading my bike instead and like you suggest go for a cheaper option that does the job. [:D]
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