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Ladies..what do you wear?

I am doing my first Tri next month. I'm going to look at trisuits & 2 pieces this week.

What is the prefered choice?

I do have Orca shorts already. But hey, if an all in one is better than I'll blow my wages on that!

Will need to have built in support as well as make me look gorgeous (yeah right!)



  • anitaanita Posts: 27
    Hello there

    I completed my first tri on Sunday just gone and I was asking the same questions. In the end I decided on the shorts and top (hear the all in ones can be expensive) and wanted to make sure I enjoyed my first tri before thinking about the investment. However I think for my own personal preference I will stick with the shorts and top, for now. I would just wear what you are going to feel comfortable in for your first. Enjoy [:)]
  • JessterJesster Posts: 482
    I opted for a 2XU two piece as i didnt believe myself ready for an all in one (i'm still not ready for the idea of a one piece!) and in no way will i ever on this earth get my weight low enough for those tiny pant-like things that those elite ladies wear! I hope this helps you in some way!?

  • Yes, thanks both of you...interesting to hear your opinions. Im thinking something like an Orca Core as it should match my shorts. The top doesnt ride up does it? No way would I even consider a cropped top!!
  • JessterJesster Posts: 482
    No, the top doesnt ride up. I wouldnt ever want to so much as flash my midriff at an unsuspecting public!
  • anitaanita Posts: 27
    Hello there

    No I was surprised by the top and how it does not ride up. You should be fine. My tri top was only a cheapie to and I thought it was great for the price. It was a quintana roo ... top about 7 pounds from JE JAMES CYCLES.
  • julesojuleso Posts: 279
    I went for a tri suit because I figured that that way I can't have an inch of tummy over my shorts, during the bike in particular! I bought an Orca suit but it's now on ebay cos I upgraded to Pearl Izumi to avoid the sausage legs issue..........I didn't tell the other half how much the new suit cost but I do love it more than life itself.

    I'm not a fan of the sausage legs and I find Orca's grippers too tight. Try before you buy I suppose and don't think 'oh well my legs will be really muscly by June'! I suppose you won't do that though given that it's May.

    Sorry, I went slightly off topic there I think. Hungry.
  • CCSCCS Posts: 53
    I have to admit that I prefer an all in one (as long as I don't see myself in it...).

    I tried a 2 piece, but found that I ended up with a big gap at the back when on the bike (in danger of builder's bum). I got a Sugoi all in one which is very comfortable - has a bit of a pad so really good on the bike, whereas my Orca shorts just had a little fleecy pad which isn't nearly as confortable.

    I have to admit that I went for one with no support as I need a full on sports bra underneath, and the built in supports tend to be pretty flimsy.
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    2XU 2 piece really comfy no riding up issues, sausage legs and drys really quickly
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    2XU one piece- really comfy, no terribly unsightly bulges (and I am curvy- see pics in Tri Romance thread!) and no chance of beer belly escapeage. I also bought a cheapy shorts and top Quintana Roo from JE James as above and use that for training; they are really comfy and haven't had issues with riding up or down which surprised me but I bought them after the 2XU tri suit which was quite expensive... I use a Shock Absorber swim bra under suit or Quintana Roo top for extra boobage help lol.
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