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Tri suit for taller men


I've just been trying on XL size tri suits from 2XU and Orca.

Problem is neither fitted in terms of length. I'm 6.4, 200lbs with a longish body. Straps digging down into the shoulders was the problem.

Does anyone know of a brand that does tri suits for the longer man?




  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    maybe try a 2 piece instead?
  • heymonkeyheymonkey Posts: 45
    Definately agree with the 2 piece, I'm slightly shorter and lighter, but the same proportion and have the same problems. A 2 piece is definately the way forward and makes no difference to performance.
  • sarah_9sarah_9 Posts: 1

    Hey friend have you tried any custom tailored suit store, there you can find suit according to your measurement, or you can put your order, for better fitted suit.



  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Isn't google wonderful. You can see exactly where sarah_9 and her spam come from: Try googling for "suit for taller men" and largeade's original post is the 2nd (non-sponsored) link! That's exactly what these spammers do when trawling for people to shift their dodgy haberdashery to.

    Anyway, sorry - off topic but I thought quite interesting. Spammer reported to admin, incidentally.


    Back on topic... I'm only about 6ft but the small number of tri-suits I tried on gave me a distinctly one-way crotch. I wear a two-piece and just put up with the bra 'n' pants and 'muffin top' gags from my team mates. Might try a few more suits on this year, though.
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