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What makes a good Tri Club?

Hi, we are starting a new Tri Club in Nottingham www.absolutetriathlonclub.co.uk we will have a dedicated junior section (8 - 16) as well as adult sessions. We are trying to ensure the club us friendly and inclusive for all ages and abilities. We are already affiliated and are working towards club mark.

What I would be interested in hearing is peoples positive and negative experiences of tri clubs and also any suggestions about how to make the new club great. We really want to make it a success, so any comments would be very welcome.


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262

    1. The people.

    2. Coaching and Advice

    3. Communication

    My reasons for joining a club were really for the affiliations (so that I can run/cycling in closed events).

    Communication, for example, this forum is probably more supportive than the club (and the club's forum).

    It's a bit difficult to see what training sessions are available, to find out what sort of standards they are.

    The swim training is probably the most involving and where most members appear.

    It's hard to find out what events club members are attending. I would certainly promote both a training and a racing programme quite strongly.

    You just need a few people who can spend more time than they ought at it.. and generally be unappreciated for the efforts they put in.

    If you can set up a forum anywhere near as good as this one, you would be doing very well! The most important thing on this forum is the embracing attitude and openness - you can ask any question, and get something like a reasonable discussion in a relative short space of time. There is a huge amount of activity on the forum too. Now, if that approach and energy could be fed into a club..

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    People of course, but people & the general 'feeling' of the club. Don't make it all about elite performances, make it about doing it at whatever level, all sessions should be inclusive, make sure the overall atmosphere is supportive no matter who or what. Social events must be inclusive, have at least one training session where a new comer can meet a lot of peole at one time & find where they fit..run sessions on a loop would be best for this, the fast guys can lap away whilst the less fast can pace themselves but not feel they are left out at the back.

    Make sure it is for fun.
  • Thanks guys for all your very useful advice. The club has been going for 7 months now and we have a strong membership base of well over 100 now (including 40 juniors), our sessions are full and we have a great committee plus lots of people coming down for taster sessions. We developed a club forum which is really well used and had a great club social earlier in Nov which recognise the achievements of both juniors and adults. We're really family orientated and I'm really pleased with how much we have achieved in such a short amount of time.
    Thanks again for your support.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I am pleased that 40% 0f your membership are juniors This bodes well for the club's future and also of course for the young triatheltes' character development.

    Referring to this forum, there is never a putdown for asking what may seem like simple obvious questions or ones that have been posted before - even on the same page. Honest, patient, helpful opinions are given and nobody to my knowledge has simply replied 'Read FAQs' 'Search' as can be found on other forums.

    Yes we can can a bit fruity with our comments but I have never seen any nastiness.

    If you can replicate that in your club ethos and forum then IMHO you will be doing well and I wish you every success.
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