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which tri you going for? i know you can rent a wetsuit at some of the major ones, thas a big saver.


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    kar858kar858 Posts: 4

    I've just entered my first triathlon and as an impoverished student don't have a whole load of money to spend on kit. What is it absolutely essential I get hold of and any ideas how to get it cheaply?

    So far I have my brother in law's mountain bike and some running kit......

    Thanks in advance!
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    kar858kar858 Posts: 4
    London in August but planning to do Eton in May as a practice run.

    It's the bike I'm most worried about, I just went in to a bike shop and was totally baffled by all the kit!
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    MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    For the bike leg, I'd say before anything else make sure you buy/borrow/steal a helmet.

    Following that, swimming goggles and a water bottle & cage for the bike.

    Apologies if you already have this covered, but you only mention the bike and running gear so I'm going on the assumption you've got nothing else.
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Thats great news about entry into your first tri.

    As london is an open water swim then a wet suit, Goggles. (as above you canj hire a wet suit)

    Bike you will need a helmet as this essential (they wont let you ride without one) and some bottom cushioning shorts (tri shorts if you can afford)

    Running shoes as well. The wrong shoes will just hurt you.

    I have just mentally totted up the cost and am amazed how much I have spent and I dont have it all yet. wetsuit next season for me as pool swims this season!

    good luck. try Ebay for some stuff but helmets and trainers really need to fit so local running/bike shop is a good start.
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    kar858kar858 Posts: 4

    Do I need special bike shoes and will the mountain bike be ok or should I try to get hold of a road one?

    So many questions!!
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    just tuck in the laces on your run shoes.

    You can get clips that go over your feet so its like SPD's

    Doing a tri on a mountain bike is...well...youll get a bit of exercise :|

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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    A mountain bike will be fine to do your first two events. If you can get hold of a road bike then that would be better but don't worry if you can't.

    Don't worry about bike shoes. Just bike in your running trainers.

    If you get bitten by the tri bug and want to do it all again next year you will discover that you can spend an almost unlimited amount of money on "stuff".

    You will need something to wear under your wetsuit. There will be a no nudity rule stopping you stripping off completely in transition to change into bike shorts! Tri shorts would be ideal but you could get away with speedos or whatever you swim in now I guess and put regular shorts over these for the bike. There wouldn't be much padding but I guess a MTB saddle would be more forgiving than a road bike one.
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    i hink te guys have it pretty much covered with everything theyve written above, but really dont worry about your bike for first two. i have just graduated so money wise on a similar budget. i pipped for buying the cheapest road bike i could find - honestly - it would have been fast to stick with the mountain bike i already had.if you really want a road bike, save an buy a half decent one!!!

    good luck with tri - you'll love it!! x
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