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I've just joined up and have spent the last few days looking through all the chats and must say how informative they are..many thanks!! i'm about to embark on my first tri this sunday at Hyde Park...during my training i realised that i may not be as self motivated as most people although my goal is to complete the olympic distance in August...I was wondering if there any other new triathletes in my area that would be interested in running or cycling in the essex area..i live near Brentwood or is there a link ive missed that covers this sort of thing??!!


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    Hi Yardsy - you could look at joining a club like East London tri who are based in Woodford and do a variety of sessions suitable for all levels which are probably not too far from you? Certainly we cycle around Brentwood/Epping etc. Sure others maybe able to suggest other clubs in the area, but here's one to start!
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