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Open water at weekends in Kent

Can anyone recommend any open water swimming sessions in Kent that is available at weekends? Most seem to be west of the M25-a road I'd rather avoid full stop, but especially on the weekends.


  • There are supposedly sessions at leybourne lakes off junc 4 of the M20 running from 10am till dusk. But I think i read somewhere about having to take a swim assesment for £30 to meet the councils insurance.

    It would be handy for me cos i could run down there but there isn't much in the way of facilities not even sure about somewhere to change? Not sure about water quality either lots of dog walkers going round it

  • han382han382 Posts: 80
    Thanks-I will check out Leybourne Lakes as I'd not even heard of them as a possibility. I'm in the Tunbridge Wells area so could hit them easilly (although won't be running there!). £30 for a swimming assesment sounds a bit steep-for that I'd expect them to analyse my stroke and make me a better swimming as well (with maybe a breakfast and cup of coffee thrown in), unlikely though for Kent County Council.
  • Very Unlikely with KCC although travelling to Liquid Leisure is costing me £15 - £20 a trip so it's only a weeks worth of trips to there.

    I've emailed the contact at team outrageous.com (Mike Russell) he seems to be the guy running the assessments. He said that he's got assessments running on Thursday & Friday at 7 and saturday & Sunday at 10. £30 for the assessment which is for life apparently and £5 a swim after that. Not sure if you can just turn up and get on the assessment put probably better to email him

  • han382han382 Posts: 80
    I've just sent a mail about Leybourne-and have also sent a mail to Bewl Water to see if they do anything. Between us we should get an answer!
  • han382han382 Posts: 80
    Bewel do not do any open water swimming-something to do with South Eastern Water owning the lakes and their policy is no swimming in any of their water!

    Mike has replied and it seems to be pretty easy to organise an assesment swim and then join in the regular sessions-including a Saturday morning swim. I plan to get there next week (16 May) and be assessed!
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