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Thames Turbo race 3

WoolyWooly Posts: 63
anyone else racing tomorrow?


  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Wooly - 1.14! What a great result, you shaved off some 5 minutes from your last race?! Go on, give us the race report .... did you change bikes for this one? Well done, congrats!
  • WoolyWooly Posts: 63
    to be fair it could have been better, i signed up for this one on the monday before, and hadn't exaclt been training prolifically since the last one.

    knowing the way it all worked certainly helpded but did lull me into a false sense of security....

    Swim was fairly uneventful, apart from the dead frog in the pool! My mate who had started 15 seconds in front blitzed the swim, which didn't help the feelings of "should have done more".

    T1 was a disaster as well...i'd got there early and laid it all out thinking i was uber prepared....hadn't actually opened my tirspecific shoes, or put my number on the right way round!! (Swim and T1 = 11:20)

    still i managed to get on the road and felt pretty good, put the hammer down and kept it at 21mph most of the way...(still on the folding bike Just2tri, sadly that'll be next season before i get a road bike!!). ABout 2 miles out i think i dinged my wheel because the whole bike felt like it was running in treacle but i managed to almost catch my mate. Bike time = 39:32

    On to the non-compete zone where i chugged the SIS like it was going out of fashion...big mistake!!!

    T2 wasn't much better than T1 (pulled in with mate so had a target!) Managed to put my socks on upside down so had to start again, Mate had gone by this point!!!

    Got out to the run thinking i should be able to hunt him down, especially as i could see him in the distance, but i never gained on him...despite my best efforts.

    Finished about 5 seconds behind him in the end (T2 + Run = 23:45).

    Overall i got a time as you said of 1:14 so under my 1:15 target and i was absolutely bloowing out of my arse at the end, something that wasn't the same for Race 2. Happy with the time, but wish i'd been more focused and less nonchalant.

    Time for an OD me thinks, then the fear of DNF kicks in again!
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Well done, congratulations again! You should be thrilled that all of the stuff that went wrong is easy to fix, you'll be racing like a rocket next time! Keep it up!
  • en51nmen51nm Posts: 41
    Congratulations on your result! I did race three as well (my first tri of the year) and had a bit of a crazy race!

    Upon arriving in the morning myself and my friend unloaded our kit and got our tyre pressures up. I had the night before replaced my rear inner tube and so was devastated when literally seconds after inflating the tyre to 110psi I heard a "psssssssssttt" noise coming from the tail end of my bike - puncture!! Stupidly, I didn't have a spare inner, luckily however my friend had a spare.

    After registering and dropping gear off in transition I set about a speedy tube change while the race briefing was ongoing behind me! It was only after rushing about like a madman and almost getting stuck in my tri-suite that I discovered my start would not be for at least an hour in the second wave and so was left to shout encouragement to my friends starting in the first wave.

    When it came to my race start I was feeling a little cold, but the well heated pool at Hampton was comforting and despite a few slow length to begin with I soon set into a steady pace with only a slight interruption from a slower swimmer on length 8.

    T1 went okay, although I opted for socks which lent to a slow transition and I found myself 30 seconds behind the guys who had departed the pool behind me. 9:42 (swim and T1)

    I felt dehydrated for the first few km on the bike leg and found it difficult to hold 39kph and so dropped down to about 37-38kph for the majority of the race. The last 4km through the town centre was tough, littered with pot holes and speed bumps, reducing my speed a bit more - will have to work on keeping a more consistent pace in the future.

    On to the non-compete section and a slow ride back to T2 stretching out and taking on fluids. T2 was disastrous, someone had racked their bike in my space!! I called over to an official and they took my bike and let me continue with my transition. I lopped my trainers on and wasted precious seconds looking for my final energy gel unsuccessfully (later discovered under my towel!). 37:13 (bike)

    After the delay in T2 I was keep to get a solid run time. Under normal conditions I do a 5km run in 20 minutes or so (with transition) however after 500m I noticed something was not right and before hitting 1km I terrible stomach cramps across my whole abdomen and almost stopped running completely at one stage. I'm not entirely sure why this happened and the only thing I've done different compared to other triathlons in the past is not eat beforehand (due to the early start of this event compared to others I've done), could this be the reason?

    Anyway, I limped over the finish in 24:09 (T2 and run), with a total time of 1:11:04, not a bad result for my first of the season, but lots of room to improve and I need to sort out why I got the terrible cramps on the run leg... any ideas?
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