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any one got a big boys bike?!?!?

WoolyWooly Posts: 63
I've done a couple of Sprints with a PB of 39:32 on the 21k bike leg using this bike but think that the step up to OD might need one with full sized wheels!

WAT officer is resisting any form of spendage, using some crap excuse about a new baby on the way!!

Therefore i'm after a cheeky loan of a bike until the 16th August so that i can practice and then race it in the Cambridge OD Tri. Obviously i'll replace any parts and service her/him before i give back.




  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i'm sorry to be of no help at all in finding a 'cumbersome' - that looks to me like an airnimal joey with drops (for a moment i thought it might be a bike friday or something...)

    i think airnimals are very nice bikes. i used to ride a joey for my commute before i got the spesh allez last summer - at first i noticed almost no difference in time (joey had virtually the same rolling resistance and weight) but i've since knocked 5-6mins off my commute time which is obviously all down to me and not the bike [;)]
  • WoolyWooly Posts: 63
    Guess i felt the Joey (as you correctly identified) with the smaller wheels was a disadvantage to the whole thing
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Not able to help you on the loan front I'm afraid, but have you had a look at TriUK.com?

    They hire out brand new Giant Defy 4's from now till September for £110. You do have to put down a refundable deposit equal to the cost of the bike though (another £365 on top).

    Not sure that this will quality given the WAT officer's spending cap though... Good luck with it Wooly.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    Wooly wrote:

    Guess i felt the Joey (as you correctly identified) with the smaller wheels was a disadvantage to the whole thing

    there was something on the airnimal site about a chameleon being used in the tri world champs, coming in a medal position. i suspect a bit of product placement or something...if they were that good everyone would use them!

    as i understand it the 25-30mph range is where you see more benefit from having larger wheels, below that the 24" wheels on the joey won't give you much difference. you also get some benefit in getting up to speed with smaller wheels but with tri's / tt's the whole point is not to stop and be going above 20mph+ so you might get some time improvements.

    do you have access to the cyclescheme? all that tax you could be saving has to be worth something with the WAT... i think i presented an unnecessarily complex spreadsheet demonstrating how i would be saving money on petrol and train fares that worked out cheaper than not owning a new bike.
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Wooly, tri and run do hire bikes for £60 per week. Obviously not long enough to practice, but you coul;d spend a week getting used to the bike and then race it?! I would offer help, but I am riding a 61cm frame and a commuter bike on top of it, so you are better of with your racer!

  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    What frame size are you after ?

  • WoolyWooly Posts: 63
    Sadly i bought a mountain bike on the old cycle to work scheme for this year so have to wait until next season before i can get a road bike!
  • WoolyWooly Posts: 63
    willieverfinish - not entirely sure on frame sizeq, i'm 181cm and (i know this isn't the measurement your after but) 31cm inside leg (tailor measured) so not sure what that equates to?
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Wooly - I think that makes you about 5ft 9....does that sound right ?

    I make you a little small for my frame mate. Sorry

    I'm 6ft 3 and a 34 inside leg

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i make that 5'11 ish. i'm about the same height and IL. i think a 56cm frame would probably be the right ball-park, although i'd still recommend test rides.
  • WoolyWooly Posts: 63
    bit of a personal question [;)] how big's ya frame?
  • WoolyWooly Posts: 63
    Oops double post!
  • WoolyWooly Posts: 63
    Conehead, hope hapuna is treating you well? Thanks for the offer of the LeMonde, that'd be great.

    Unfortunately I've a wedding in Rutland on the 27th but I guess we could meet up on the Sunday if the offer still applies with no training day attendance?

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