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Nutrition for 70.3


What food should i be eating on the 70.3? I was thinking that i would have a few gels on the bike leg and during the run too. But should what should i be drinking? I was thinking of having a bottle of water on the bike and a bottle of lucasade. Do you think 2 bottles is enough? Also should i be using one of the high energy powders mixed with water like this one (http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/Science_in_Sport_PSP22_High_Energy_Sports_Fuel_16kg_Tub/4000000070/)?


  • fatstufatstu Posts: 46
    Hi Sam

    I'm doing my first one in a month so I've been experimenting with this over the last few months. A lot depends on where you are racing and how hot it is likely to be and how much you are going to sweat - plus of course how long you expect to be out there. I'm planning to carry 2-4 bottles for mine in Zurich depending on how well the aid stations look to be set out. If it looks really good I'll take 2 and plan to pick up about 2 more during the ride. I sweat a lot so I prefer to take more rather than less - hit the run too dehydrated and you'll be in trouble. I'll also swallow about 6 gels on the bike and then take 3 gels plus a fuel belt with electrolyte - again no penalties other than weight for too much... The big thing though is to practice with what you will get on the course or plan to carry what you are used to. I know a number of people with stories of bad reactions with what they were able to get on the day. The other thing is to make sure you take stuff you know you like - one note of caution on the PSP22 was the one I tried (blackcurrant I think) was not one I could drink for a whole race... There may be some good flavours out there though as the SIS recovery drinks are very tasty

    Hope that helps
  • CPT333CPT333 Posts: 56
    Conehead, I know you have advertised these days at least a million times but when is the long distance day at heron lake and how much is it?
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