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From Pool to open water..

Im getting worried..

Although i can swim the distance..( 1st tri 500m open water, Did 50 * 20m lengths no hassle last night, with energy to spare) I am worried that I wont be able to swim 500m straight.. is there anything i can do in the pool to be sure of this..



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    You shouldn't have a problem - the wetsuit will keep you bouyant, so it'll actually be much easier to keep going than it is in a pool. The one thing that is really worth doing if you have the time is to practice open water swimming before your first race. It's a very different feeling and it's worth familiarising yourself - you need to be sure that the wetsuit fits you and doesn't constrict you round the neck or shoulders, and you also need to practice sighting, swimming in a straight line and breathing in choppy/windy water.
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    I'm sure you'll be fine if you did that without stopping. If you want to reassure yourself, what about turning without touching the pool end. If you roll onto your back just before you hit it, then flip over your body so you are pointing in the other direction. Alternatively, can you swim around the pool without touching the sides? Or could you find a quiet lake or river somewhere? Obviously you'd be well advised to have a friend on hand to rescue you if need be.
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    ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    thanks for the pick me up.

    i have an orca s2 from wiggle.. Fits well, but yet to actually swim in it.. Need to break it in..

    my first swim is in a canal..(ewww, but aparently v clean in that area.) so no waves to deal with, but also no salt to keep me afloat..

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    moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    If you want to reassure yourself, what about turning without touching the pool end.
    [quote]ORIGINAL: backtothecaves

    yep that's me gets you funny looks from other swimmers[:D]
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    andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    this is my biggest worry, luckly near me theres a company www.theendurancecoach.com that runs open water swimming clinics.....also the event i've entered for my first tri (liverpool triathlon) are arranging two open water swimming session with coaches...in the actual water i will be competing in.....contact the event organisers...maybe they are doing similar....i'm sure there are some open water opportunities in your area if you search for some.

    good luck mate
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    GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Open water swimming is much easier than pool swimming in my opinion. Once you are over the shock of nothing to hold on to in an emergency - you can concentrate on your form and just swim - unlike in the pool with a turn every 20 strokes.

    Wetsuit is a great aid and helps keep good posiition in the water.

    Admittedly I have only done a couple of Open water swim sessions but I do much prefer them to pool - so much more room around you ... you just have to watch out for low flying Swans and ducks ;)

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    mumu Posts: 24
    The biggest difference between pool swimming and open water swimming are

    a)the shock when you first get in. UK venues are rarely warm, and water getting in your suit, and cold water on your face need practice to cope with so you can start a race relaxed.

    b) the lack of visibility. It's suprising how disorientating it is not to have visible guides while your head is in the water. Even trying to practice sighting in a pool won't give you the proper feel for what 'landmarks' you should be looking for.

    The best way to cope is, as others have said, get in a lake or river with others as often as you can.

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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    It takes a bit of discipline and practice to get it right, but if you're a bit stuck for opportunities to practice your sighting then have a go at swimming in the pool with your eyes closed. Every 3 or 4 breaths open your eyes and sight the end of the pool.

    There was a discussion yonks ago about OW swimming, bi-lateral breathing and which way around do people sight... sight then breathe or breathe then sight.... hang on... <odd popping noise>

    Here you go: (also includes other related links)


    And here's one about OW swimming:


    Plenty more where they come from.
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    Nice sig Bopo, watch Sesamae Street when you were a kid, did you?[:D]
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