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best sites to buy from

ironkavironkav Posts: 259
i use wiggle and chain reaction cycles mostly..

is there any other sites im missing? THese offer free delivery to Ireland so they are great..

looking for a specific goggle.. Aqua Sphere Vista Blue Lens..

Cant find a good deal anywhere. Delivery charges are bringing the price over 30 pound.. Found them on amazon for 15 but the guy wont deliver to ireland.

Any suggestions..




  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Yeah, I've bought a couple of pairs from this site, excellent delivery times......


    I've checked, he has vistas with the blue lenses.

  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    Before I purchase... are there better goggles I can get.. Is there much difference between full tinted and blue lens??

    Should I be looking at other options..

  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I got my Turbo Trainer from totalcycling.com. It came. Not as quickly as wiggle. Was a lot cheaper though. The web site is not very good - you can't really tell what is in stock and what is not. When you place an order it appears to go straight to "dispatched"..when it obviously can't be. So you have no idea when something is going to arrive. I would only use them when delivery times weren't critical. They are just down the road from Chain Reaction, in NI.

    Wiggle is my supplier of choice.

    I use sportsshoesunlimited.com for running shoes - and other bits and bobs. But as they are local to me I don't use the web, just go straight to the shop.
  • Dont think that they do goggles but ProBikeKit sometimes have some good deals. For clothing, I use startfitness.co.uk Again, they sometimes have some very good deals. Not sure about the postage to Ireland for either tho.
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    I only wear tinted goggles in open water, always wear clear in the pool. If you're doing a swim in OW the last thing you need is the sun rising right in front of you so every time you go for a sighting breath you get your retinas burnt out!!!! So I always pack a pair of tinted goggles in my race bag.

    If you're in the running for a different pair of goggles then I can definately reccomend Aquasphere Kayenne. I've tried loads of different goggles and masks over the years and find all masks leak after about 500m and most goggles leak after 1500m. The Kayennes are the firat goggle I've had that havnt leaked or fogged during a 5km swim. So they are the goggles I'm using this season, and for the foreseable future.

    That said everyones faces are different and what works for me may not work for you.......But, in for a penny, theyre definately worth a try.

  • Ron99Ron99 Posts: 237
    Plus, if you subscribe to 220 they'll send you a pair of the Kayenne's free
  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    oh really..... thats tempting.
  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259

    i went to subscribe and there is no goggles offer in Ireland....
  • pataallenpataallen Posts: 94
    ironkav wrote:

    oh really..... thats tempting.

    oh yes, i susbscribed last week and aquasphere's delivered within 2 days. very nice too.

    ref no goggles to ireland, can you subscribe to a friend / relaltives address in Uk / NI then change subscription address once you've received goggles?
  • I use use wiggle mainly for the web, have you tried Wheelworx in Clondalkin - they seem to have copped on with pricing regarding exchange rates ........ also give a discount if you are a member of a tri club or triathlon ireland about 10% - worth a look if you around Dublin ??
  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869

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