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Easter Motivation

So Im on the west coast of Ireland.. I did a 43k bike ride round the coast road on Co Kerry in Friday (Extremely hilly took 1hr 40mins), I did a 5-6k run yesterday..

Someone motivate me to do more.. Feeling lazy.. TUrkey dinner at 5pm, must do something later to avoid fatness


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Give yourself a rest! Make yourself NOT do something for a day or two.

    Then replan your routine, look at a few mags/training manuals to inspire you. Think of a new bit of kit you could treat yourself too. Work out a benchmark or two - Cycle/Run/Swim - go for it!

    The scenery must be fantastic where you are; when your chomping at the bit, head off into the mountains for a long, hilly bike ride.

    Go somewhere new. Take a long weekend off - head for somewhere fantastic. South Pennines in Yorkshire is nice ;-) Bike/Run etc. Really get to learn the landscape through your feet and wheels.

    Find a mate to train with!
  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    its amazing scenery, there was one very steep climb the other day, took about 5 mins to reach the top. The view of the ocean was worth it though.. Hit 60km/hr going down the decent [:-] scary!!!

    Potholes every where though.. Good thing i have gators

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