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Charity Racing


I am racing a couple of triathlons this year. 1 super sprint and 1 normal sprint. I have been training specifically for it since Christmas – however my legs have been giving me a lot of grief (still are) so at this stage I am only aiming at making it through the races alive with both legs more or less working.

Since it is my first season I figured I’d try and make it as special as possible so….

For both races I hope to be racing for charity. The first charity is the NSPCC and the other one is Diabetes UK, however I am still awaiting reply from them.

The NSPCC came back to me fairly fast though after I contacted them. I decided on the NSPCC because I can think of nothing worse than children being abandoned and abused – they never asked to be here, it is our responsibility to take good care of them. Most people see treating children good as common sense, but not all unfortunately, and since my current partner has kids I've gotten more involved in kiddy related stuff over the past 2 years and it has really opened my eyes as to how bad some kids are actually treated by adults. It is absolutely disgracefull.

So if anybody wants to support a good cause please do not hesitate to pop by my fundraising site. Any donation is more than welcome as it is for a good cause, it does not have to be instant as I’m not racing till June.

The address is [color=#800080]http://www.justgiving.com/danishtri[/color]


Thanks alot

Christina :)


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