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Taxc roller


I just bought a Tacx set of rollers, as the weather here in Scotland is crap pretty much 80 % of the time. They work brilliantly, however I have a few questions as I've never used rollers before. I opted for rollers as I'm sh**e at strapping myself or my bike on to anything else, such as turbo trainers (or whatever they're called) so I figured these could improve my balance as well.

1. My tyres are obviously on top of the rollers, but they seem to get very flat when I'm on the bike and it's pressing against the rollers. Is this normal?

2. When exercising my tyres get very warm and the rubber kinda comes off in tiny tiny bits, I'm putting it down to the rollers being somewhat rough?. Is this normal?

3. How long should I maximum be on the rollers for pr session?

Thanks all :)


  • MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    1) What pressure have you got your tyres inflated to? The common wisdom on here seems to be 100psi and upwards (assuming it's a road bike). The side wall of your tyre should have a max pressure which they should be inflated to.

    2) I think this is common. You can get turbo-specific tyres for... erm, turbos but I don't know how these fare on rollers.

    3) Depends on what distance you're training for and what sort of a session you want to do. There's various threads on here about turbo trainer sessions so you could perhaps adapt those.

    I think Benny has a set of rollers so maybe he can impart some of his wisdom. Not seen him on here for a while though.
  • Well done on buying quality ones

    I think rollers look great and like you say are good for balance, the mechanic at the bike shop I frequent is not a fan though as he once had an old cheaper set break while he was doing 25mph in his living room. The result was that he was suddenly doing 25mph IN his living room and took him about 0.5 seconds to hit the wall! Not trying to scare you but may be worth giving yourself a 'run off area' just in case!!
  • svanedksvanedk Posts: 11
    Hehe yeah it's true you can come off them and start going, or so I've heard. I've not put it into practice yet, but I do have a "run off" area, a bed right infront of me so I reckon I'll be ok on that [;)]

    MrSquishy - I'll doublecheck my tyrepressure to be sure. I am doing 2 sprints this summer, I take it a 1 - 1.5 hour session would suffice on the rollers? [:)]
  • AndreAndre Posts: 103
    I'd sooner get wet than spend a whole 1.5 hours on rollers [I also have a TACX Antares] - the most I'll spend on mine is around 40 minutes, more often less than 30. Good luck!
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