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Finish times

This might be a bit obsolete but I can't really seem to find consistant information on this subject.

I am doing 2 tri's this summer. 1 super sprint and 1 sprint triathlon.

Due to a pretty annoying leg injury I've had to change my expectations from wanting to finish as fast as possible to just finishing.

So my question is this; What are the cut off times for Super sprint and sprint triathlons? I mean, I can't excately come limping in 5 hours after kick off? [:o]

Any advice is welcome. [:)]


  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    Hi svanedk

    I would imagine that each triathlon (and its organisers) has its own view on this, but that said, you should be fine doing the shorter races, assuming they are started in waves and you advise the organisers of your expected completion time, they should get you started on one of the earlier waves, giving you maximum time to complete.

    I have no expertise or even experience! Making this post pretty useless i guess [&:]

    Good luck anyway.....you'll be surrounded by lovely tri-people [:D]
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