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New bike in the making - advice required

Alright all,

I have been riding a test bike for 3 weeks but have had to give it back unfortunately! Cervelo team soloist, zipp 404 wheels with conti 4000's, Ultegra SL, Bontrager racelite stem and bars, fizik arionne, ironman carbon clip on tri bars.

I am in the process of ordering the bits for it and buying one with nearly the same set-up.

My question is can I mix dura ace and ultegra SL and if yes what Dura ace components will benefit me most? I heard that Dura ace is not as resistant as ultegra as it is designed to race with?? Is that true??



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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Yes, The whole chainset set up would be the DA bit to get. I do not use Dura Ace but by all accounts the chainset is very smooth and light due to bearings and better engineering. Make sure you get the correct crank length (anything from 170mm -177mm are available(?) - not overly sure about DA - and get the correct number of teeth in the chain rings. After the chainset then go for STI levers (I think the latest models are compatable) because they look good and are better egineered.
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    peddlerspeddlers Posts: 18
    As a cervelo dealer and current owner of a soloist team i consider the level of spend your shelling out and the limited amount of advice that the cervelo dealer has given you by the sounds of it to what components you require on the bike and whats best to fit that your now asking around to decide whats best for your bike.

    Shimano DA is very good and fully compatable with 105, Ultegra and Ultegra SL so you can run any component from those 4 model groups without any problems.

    As the gentleman above noted, you will gain some improvement from better bearings and a slight reduction in weight on the components, although you should loose any quality.

    If you can afford the DA, i would say go for the whole groupset, if not then i would always go for shift levers, and rear derraileur and chain.

    Were currently building Soloist teams up with ultegra 10s and shimano wheels for £1700 starting price.



    01249 811020

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    lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Cheers All,

    Thanks for the advice treefrog. Kind of what i was thinking too.

    Peddlers - also thanks for the advice. They have actually been very helpful and have stated the same stuff. I just find that its always best to do research and ask around. After all there is so much (Too much) info avaiable and its difficult to know what to believe and trust sometimes. I would say they were more than fair to me by lending me the bike for 3 weeks to try out - a pretty fair trial i think!

    Anyway i will go for the chainset and then sti if i can afford it.

    Will let you know what i end up with.
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