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what drills

Ok then people i'm going start swimming more seriously as from monday what sort of drills should i be doing.


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    "More Seriously". Does that mean that the clown's shoes and giant water wings are finally coming off?


    What drills you need to do depend on:

    Where you are with your swimming now.

    Where you want to get to - distances, times etc.

    What stroke you want to do.

    You may want to do drills to improve technique - e.g. you could spend a lot of time on little drills to perfect balance, or rotation etc.

    You may have difficulty with distance / breathing, so have drills to practices these.

    It really all depends! But for most beginners, technique is the thing to work on.

    Join a club that does swim coaching sessions - ideally a nice tri club - that will give you loads of ideas, and the necessary experience to start working out what you need to do.

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