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OK Ive been training for 3 weeks now swim and run, just been out on me new bike i haven't rode for about 15 yrs.anyway i rode 15 K bit wobbly at first but soon remembered how to do it,thoroughly enjoyed it. got of bike at the end ,Jesus i thought i was standing in someone Else's legs lol.


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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    you'll have a blast running off the bike for the first time then (feel like the legs of a 1 year old).[:D]

    You'll defo love that one
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    tony btony b Posts: 57
    Sounds like you want to be doing all the bike to run training you can lol...One thing I've started doing is introducing squat jumps and lunges into my run sessions. Obviously bike to run training is the best, but sometimes this takes more time and it's extra agro. If you do SQs and Ls on a run it replicates pretty well the deadness you get when you switch between disciplines. Surprising how hard it is. Anyone else tried this?
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