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just joined my local tri club

i've finally done it with just over a month till my 1st event i've joined my local tri club even tho my training is going well and all displines improving with every session hopefully being around the right people i can improve even more.


  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    It's done me a power of good joining mine. It spurs me on and gives me the confidence that I can perform at a certain level in races.

    There's also the factor that the (voluntary) coaches have invested time in me. I want to do well in races for them as well as for me, it all helps.
  • teamspiritteamspirit Posts: 148
    i'm also hoping that if i can find people 2 train with that are faster than me i can push myself 2 the next level.
  • joolzdjoolzd Posts: 245
    I keep thinking about it and even went to my local tri club swimming session, but bottled out as my swim is very bad & I get disillusioned if I can't keep up...but...I know it would help over time so should really muster up the confidence and go do it!!
  • j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
    I am in the same position as you joolzd. What I plan on doing is having a session in the pool before the club arrive then watch them after my swim from the gallery so I can ascertain my level against theirs.
  • animalanimal Posts: 1
    Good advice j27rt - go down to the pool and talk to the coaches before or after (but not in the middle of) a session (sounds scary but most are friendly) . If the club is worth joining (and most are) they will help you to fit into the training sessions at a level that fits your ability. The first couple of sessions may be hard work but follow the swimmer in front and I'm sure you'll soon get up to speed.
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Hey, I am totally rubbish at most aspects of tri and I joined my local club. I can't speak more highly of the people there they are so encouraging and friendly. I'm never made to feel like a pain in the arse if I'm slow on runs etc and the fast people loop back so nobody gets left behind. It's helping me loads and gives you something to aim for too.
  • pataallenpataallen Posts: 94
    i attempted to join my local club and was informed by automatic email response that they're full andi could be put on the (lengthy)waiting list if i wished...

    nice way to welcome new enthusiasts to the sport i thought!!
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    can't find a tri club near me[:(] unless I want to travel 70 miles+ round trip either north to Machynlleth or south to Llanelli - can't imagine the HAT on that - any tri loners out and about in West Wales we could have a virtual club!!!!
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