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Running on treadmills

If my aim is to run 10k in say sub 50mins does it count that i've done it on a treadmill?


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    In my mind it counts but to then do it in a race is a different kettle of fish as you have to pace yourself. I've used a treadmill during the winter to keep up the miles in the warmth of the gym but to then go straight into a race without doing any road miles would probably be a terrible idea. I'd suggest using the treadmill as a training tool but you have to get out on the road before the race so that you can pace yourself properly.
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    It's very different!

    What sort of incline did you have?

    If it is was 2.5% then you probably definitely could. 0% not so sure.

    Really, there's no substitute for getting out on the road. It's like the difference between rollers and the road.

    I'm not very good on the treadmill - I can run faster on the road. I don't like the feeling of being locked to a pace - makes me claustrophobic.

    I did a standalone mile on the treadmill the other (was just after a 1K hard row) It took me 6:23. I tend to about that pace for 10K.

    You get a lot hotter on the treadmill etc. But there's no head wind.

    Given how fit/proficient you are from all your cycling, it shouldn't take you too long to get up to speed at running.

    Any idea what your VO2 Max is?

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    Treadmills are definitely no substitute for the road, however I do use them. I mainly use them to boost my endurance so do the odd long session on one in front of a good film or today, the london marathon!!! (And no I didn't beat Mara)

    I find for increasing fitness and endurance they're just OK. But theres no hills and even the inclines arent a natural replication of road conditions. my proper long session i would still try to do outside if i can.

    they're great for cold nights or squeezing a session in after work. I also use them if I have no clean decent running kit and dont want to be laughed at.. I can run in anything i want on my treadmill!! x
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    moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    teamspirit wrote:

    If my aim is to run 10k in say sub 50mins does it count that i've done it on a treadmill?

    probably great for mental endurance I'd go nuts running on a treadmill for that long[&:]
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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I use treadmills a lot, they are low impact, no potholes, icy bits, dog poo, moss etc that you can slip on and injure yourself. That is a VERY important consideration for me, I am 52 and enjoy being active as did my late Dad, he was a cracking runner, he absolutely loved it and was running from the late 1940's on when running on streets was a distictly rare sight. In his 60's he went for a run and twisted awkwardly about his ankle and was never able to run again and that was a very bitter blow to him.

    3 years ago aged 49 I turned in 30 minutes for the 5Km run on my first triathlon, I am now doing that in 20 and have recently taken up running 10k races, my PB standing at 44:29. Now whilst not exactly setting the world on fire I am putting in decent results based on mainly treadmill work. OK in summer I do a circuit around our village but there is no way I would risk any further injury to myself having knackered my knees when I was my late twenties and early thirties by running with a 90lb bergen (rucksasc) wearing boots, web equipment and carrying a 13lb steel bar to simulate a rifle. I was very fit but it took its toll and for some time after that I suffered badly when running. Thankfully two things happened; 1, major advances in running footwear and 2, Triathlon. I started out by hitting the tarmac but held back in case of injury (I am also blind as a bat without my specs by the way) so I took the treadmills more and more.

    I have been able to build up my endurance, speed and pace all in controlled conditions and with a much reduced chance of injury so treadmills very definitely have my vote.
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