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Bike service - how often

Get it serviced before your race and about every 6 months ( depends on how often you use it)

It only costs about £30 so is well worth it.

Your pads are probably worn - the factory set are never that good. Easy and cheap to replace them.

Make sure you go to your LBS too. Not somewhere like Halfrauds.


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    I've had my bike since end of Jan - have probably been on it atleast once a week.

    Haven't done much maintence to it other than pump tyres up regularly and give it a wipe down now and then.

    I am conscious that brakes are making a noise now and with a tri in a few weeks - should I get it serviced beforehand or are there simple things I can do myself to ensure it doesn't break down mid race?
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    jacjac Posts: 452
    Ideally get a service before your tri.

    I got my bike in Jan and have just had it serviced ahead of a race next week. A couple of little minor adjustments were needed.

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    hazohazo Posts: 18
    Good idea to get a new bike checked out after a month or so of riding - make sure you've not shaken anything lose.

    A good bike shop should have told you this and would normally offer to give the bike a quick once over after a few weeks riding.

    Sqeeky brakes are usually an alignment issue between pad and rim:

    [ul][*]Clean the rims

    [*]change the pads (if required)

    [*]align the pad so its toe (front) touches fractionally before the rear.[/ul]

    If spanners aren't your thing - get down to your LBS.

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    Cool. Thanks guys.

    My LBS offered a free check up six weeks after buying it so its had that.

    But I will book in for a service now so its in tip top condition - safer than me doing myself as not sure what I'm doing!
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