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220 subscription on bank statement??

Alright All,

I subscribe to 220 and have a query - does it come up on your bank statement as 'IMG Ecommerce' Australia?? Have something on my statement that I can only assume is 220 but cant work it out. Its for about £37 quid so that sounds right but???

All thoughts appreciated.

Chris [8|]


  • IMG are the company which run the london and blenheim triathlons and the london duathlon, there are probably loads more, just go to the blenheim tri site and look for other linked races and they will be IMG. So guessing this entry is for a race entry?
  • lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Yeah its weird cause Blenheim was only race I have done and that was £65 squid. Will call bank and see if they can help me out - basically i dont think its anything to do with me!
  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    I tried that tack with the wife last month, didn't work for me but good luck dealing with a professional body.
  • hillclimb1hillclimb1 Posts: 16
    Hi - I have the same issue as this! I have entered Blenheim and london triathlons but also got the same entry on my bank statement...i have been debited for 61.99 but i cant remember either of these two events costing that amount? And also i'm almost certain I paid for them when i entered the events...not on 23 May when the money has been charged???
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