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Bagged transitions at Ironman

ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
Straight to second page witout reply for my first proper post. Now I can't even make virtual friends AAAARRGGH!

Seriously though - anyone know how this works? I've only dealt with my tiny simulation of a teenager's bedroom on the floor next to the bike.




  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    i it is as simple ads the transition area is a clean zone,so no crap litters up the area ,each bag contains all the sytuff for the next discopline.SO as you leave the water into t1 youcollect your cycling kit and put your wetsuit into the bag ,likewise with t2,end of race collect bags after standing in a queue for45mins.should also get a bag forvdry kit to change into after race.it should all be in the race bulrb.no need to worry.
  • ipay1980ipay1980 Posts: 84
    further to john e's post, dont worry.

    at IMUK in 2006, and not sure if anyone can comment more recently, the bags will be hung on pegs on racks in the T tents in number order.

    i find it best to make 3 simple checklists of what is going to go in each bag well before the event, as your mind will be going at a million miles an hour!

    i am a bit of check list junkie, ie race gear, casual clothes, nutrition, things to do on day travel to race, and days leading up to race! for me it helps settle mind.

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