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new female to triathalons- advice needed

Hello all. Well I am just wondering if there are any new starters to triathalon. My partner is training towards the iron man and I thought- I want to try something new instead of going to the gym etc. Anyway I have my first triathalon in 4 weeks time and dont have a bike yet (lol) but not worried (lol- nervous laugh). Some questions to the women out there- what do you tend to wear for the swim, bike and run. Any advice please.


  • mkamka Posts: 26
    Hi Anita

    In the first triathlon I did I wore a tri top & shorts under the wetsuit but then put on shorts & a tshirt for the bike & run sections (was a bit self conscious to do the run & bike without a tshirt or shorts) have done a few more since and now just wear a tri suit (I have a 2XU one) though I did a triathlon this morning (pool swim) & phaffed about putting a long sleeved cycle top on for the bike.

    In any case just wear what you feel comfortable cycling & running in & most importantly have fun & enjoy it – you’ll be hooked after the first one!

    Good luck!

  • Cheryl6162Cheryl6162 Posts: 356
    Welcome Anita!

    In my first tri (that was 3 years ago and I am about to do my 2nd in 4 weeks!) I wore my running shorts, which are tight with elasticated legs and a cropped running top for the swim. When I got out I threw on a running top which already had my number pinned to the back and my trainers and completed it in that.

    This time, I feel much more comitted to the sport and have thus invested in a tri suit, which obvioulsy I will do the whole thing in, with a race belt (for my race number) and trainers being the only addition.

    You will see all sorts at your tri so don't worry about it, whatever you wear you won't look out of place.

    Good luck!
  • BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    For my first last year I wore a swim top and tri shorts. I then slung a cycling jersey over the top. Have to say that the wet swim top and cycling jersey combo was not comfortable and very quickly I bought myself a trisuit.

    But if you are just doing the one event, then tri shorts and a swim specific top should do the job.

    best of luck!


  • anitaanita Posts: 27
    thank you very much for the advice. Hoping that I get the bug. Cant wait really excited lol
  • anitaanita Posts: 27
    hello thanks for the reply. I am thinking on the same lines as you. The shorts and swimming top. Really looking forward to it. You certainly have the bug
  • anitaanita Posts: 27
    Hoping to get the bug. Thanks very much for the advice. Very helpful
  • anita theres been a post on this recently wich you may find interesting but also, id go for the trisuit every time. obviously try one and then see if you want to spend the money but after your first one deffos recommed the suit. the only thing that might make you feel different is if you need extra support up top. thankfully i dont have this probolem but i have spoken to women who tend to wear seperates with extra support for that reason.

    good luck with tri and i hope you love it.. bet you will!![:D] xx
  • anitaanita Posts: 27
    lol I certainly dont have that problem on top either. I think that for my first I will just go for top and bottoms but will try the tri suit after that. Thanks for your reply and am hoping to get the bug. Just off for a run and swim now. x
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