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in 2 minds

anitaanita Posts: 27
ummmmmmmmmmmmmm I have only competed in one tri so far, and Yesterday I went along to watch my boyfriend do an open water tri at whetherby. Alot of people had problems getting out of the river due to the cold and it has frightened me off a little to attempt any open water.

When I have looked for sprint distances in a pool there are not that many, and they seem to be open water events, there is one in a reservouir coming up in July and am wondering whether to do it or not. Can I truly prepare myself for an open water event. Also I do have SVT (Palpertations) and have been for a couple of ops- but a month ago after coming off the treadmill I had an attack of the palps but without the symptoms and was wondering if anyone else suffers from these and have competed in open water, and whether in fact the coldness of open water has an effect. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm uummmmmmmmmmmmmm uuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I WANT TO TRY BUT AM A LITTLE NERVOUS LOL.


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hi Anita, I had a really bad race last week cos of the cold water, but tried some things this week to get ready for it. Did a lake swim to get used to being cold and swimming (gets you used to the shock and tells yourself that you will calm down and find a rythm) and yesterday before I raced, I got in as early as I could and aclimatised to the water (get the feet, hands and head used to it), and it was a nice swim. Stuff like that will really help and after a few minutes, the water temp really wont affect you. Cold showers also help you get used to the body's reponse, Ive heard.
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    hi Anita - 1stly let me say that having SVT ( now called narrow or wide complex tachycardia) is no reason not to compete in a Triathlon. I am assuming you have had a circuit ablation of SA or AV node. Does that sound familiar ?

    Open water events hold a little fear in some people minds ( mine too - I have my 2st open water event in under a month and not even been in my wetsuit yet).

    Fear not though - If you get into bother - flip over on your back and chill. That's what I intend to do if I have any issues.

    Hope that goes someway to helping. I think it's more a confidence issue than a clinical one. What does you other half say ? What does your cardiologist say ?

    Best of luck and enjoy your Tri's.

  • anitaanita Posts: 27
    Thanks for that peeps. My partner was out on his bike doing 111 miles and I was thinking about the whole water experience thing and thought 220 peeps will hopefully respond lol. Yep I have had the abilation? twice, and I have to agree that it is prob more of a confidence thing really with not being the greatest of swimmers BUT you are right it is certainly no excuse not to do it, and I do thrive on my next new challege, I am actually going back to the hosp for a follow appointment tomorrow and they have said to me before that I am fine to train. Not that them saying no would stop me lol. I feel a lot happier now and will have a go at the open water. Thanks again [:)]
  • anitaanita Posts: 27
    oh my other half (ipay1980) on 220, says that he will certainly support me doing the open swim, and said that he will take me down to the lake and give me some advice. The forst thing I will want to know is the rolling on my back technique- lol
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Cool, enjoy and get stuck in.

    You can't possible be worse than me in the water, seriously. It has been said I swim like..... a brick. :)

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Can everyone in the room who DID NOT panic when first time O/W swimming?.....Pause.........no sea of hands appears........thought not, you probably will, however since you will not be on your own, unsupervised and have someone VERY close by who will calm you down & talk you thru..you will be OK.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    See my thread about this. I panicked badly on Sunday in my first OW swim. For me it was the lack of vision in the water that got me rather than the cold. Still I got through it and am having another go this Sunday.

    I'm sure the first tyime is the worst for everyone. As Britspin says, with someone with you you should get through it OK and then it will get easier.
  • I think i let out a man scream on entering OW, and it was a scorching hot day.

    I also had to jump off boats into loch water when i was a supervisor at an outdoor centre. It always sucks. IT never killed me :P

  • anitaanita Posts: 27
    Thanks for the advice, I will just get stuck in. Just need a wetsuit now.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    If you are looking to sprint then a pool based event is probably the way to go, wetsuits would be a little down the line. Also, and please don't think I am being rude, if you are looking to lose weight then buying now will most likely mean buying again as you get lighter & thinner, so if you must get one I would recommend a rental rather than buy.
  • anitaanita Posts: 27
    You not being rude lol..... I am not looking to loose weight, but good advice. I did not realise how much wet suits cost.
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