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borghini bikes anyone?

just looking at a new bike, a borghini kono, looks good, but in my limited expirence have never come across them what sort of reputation do they have?


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I've never heard of them either but it sounds like some guy has bought a job lot of unbranded generic frames from China or somewhere in the East, and is having them painted up and badged/branded as Borghini - the Italian sounding name adds desireability.

    This happens quite a bit in the world of bike frame manufacture and is not really talked about by the leading companies.

    Sometimes the generic frame is a result of an overrun in a factory that is actually making "top-end" frames and you actually get the exact same frame as someone else paid two or three times the price - this happened with Trek a few years ago

    Usually its the result of a factory manager "borrowing" the mould or jig of a name company and rattling out asome frames for his own little enterprise.

    Or as is heavily rumoured and then counter roumered there are actually 3-4 bike frame factories in China and they churn out all the frames that us saps desire from Isaac to Storck and they are largley all the same - we just buy image!!

    Anyway I dare say the Boghini is a surplus stock from China that a businessman has bought and is having them painted up and kitted out. They may be excellent or they may appear to be excellent but have no longevity.

    That's of little elp. Go buy a trusted brand!

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