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Bike Dilemna!?

Been out looking for my first road bike to get me through my triathlon this year and many more to come hopefully.

As it is my first bike im looking to spend around £500, been told to look for a decent frame as i can upgrade the other parts in the future.

Seen the Merida 880, a Merida 750 (750 is a new build which is only for this summer, to meet high demands for bikes) and a Trek 1.2

the 750 is £450, 880 is £500 and Trek bike is £550.

Wanted to know what i should be looking to get?

I know its all about how the bike feels, but surely one must be better than the other?



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    iangriffiangriff Posts: 48
    Just had a quick look on both websites and the 1.2 & 880 look to have the similar spec, so this could just come down to what feels best. Have you looked at anything else or are you restricted for choice? The trek does list Carbon forks but not specified on 880.

    I was comforted to see on the Merida site under the bikes spec that the Brake levers were "Attached"

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    spr1983spr1983 Posts: 34
    i did entertain the idea of the Cube Aerial against the Trek 1.5. but then thought that for my first entry level bike im best off sticking to a 1.2.

    the only other bike would have been a specialized but think the trek looks a little better.

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    gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    I've got a Trek 1.2 double, tis a good bike for its price. Not had any issues yet with it, got Look sprint pedals on it as well. If you live reading way you're welcome to try it out as i've injured my knee so not cycling.

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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    You ought to check out the Boardman range. I have the team carbon but the entry bike for 500 alo gets fantastic reviews. Expeact at least a 10% discount too.

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