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New trainers and pain ?

It could be the trainers. But it could be something else - e.g. just increasing the amount of training, and building up over a time.

Rest until it stops hurting + a bit extra!

Did you have a gait analysis?

Has the amount of running you've done increased?

Look at doing some strengthening exercises/stretching in the Gym. Tightness/weakness in the quads is often a contributing factor - but a programme which targets all the leg muscles/sinews (calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes) would be good. And some core for good measure.

Cycling may also help - good for the quads and a relatively neutral loading on the knees (unless there is something biomechanically not right with the knees).

I'm afraid I don't know enough to be any more specific - so a recommendation is to always seek professional advice (especially if the pain is still there after 5 days of rest).

Hope you get it sorted though!


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    tomo13tomo13 Posts: 24

    Have not long started training for Tri's, have stopped playing football now. I have been swimming 2 - 3 times a week and biking about the same not been doing a lot of road running. Done a few runs in my trainers on grass with no problems and a couple on the road. Went and got my gait checked and was told the Asics i was running in were wrong for me and after trying a few different pairs , i went for some Adidas Supernova Sequence. During the first run out in them i got a pain below my knee cap which i hadn't had before. Is this possibly due to the new shoes ? or could there be another reason ? I am a wall and floor tiler so prehaps haven't got the best knees anyway.

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    md6md6 Posts: 969
    Hi Tomo, it could be the trainers that have caused it. If the ones you had before were wrong then you could have been using different muscles and now you have correct trainers then your body will try to adjust back to where it should be. This can mean odd aches and pains with new trainers for a few runs.And if you have upper your training/running milage this could also be a cause. I'd agree with Jack that you should consider rest and if the pain continues see a physio
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    tomo13tomo13 Posts: 24
    Thanks for replies

    I know rest is best, but i've got my first tri at Woodhall Spa next weekend which is typical, i might have to wear a support and then rest after next week. Anyone tried a Patella Strap ?

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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    My physio laughed at the patella strap i brought in and asked him about.

    Think he compared them to diet pills.

    My knee pain was IT Band related.

    What about wearing your old shoes you are comfortable them check out with physio/Gait etc?

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    tomo13tomo13 Posts: 24
    I keep looking on the net at different knee problem pages and panicing myself, Patella Tendonitis etc !

    Most prob not but that would be typical, get myself nice and fit and ready only to have a load of time off resting ! [&o]
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