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If you had £1500 what TT bike would you buy, i keep looking and am getting confused. I realise its about fit etc but just interested in peoples opinions

Thanks, Steve


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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I recommend the successor to my bike (Focus Izalco Tria) the Focus Culebro Tria, yours for £1,011


    Top tip, you say you have a max budget of £1,500, buy £100 worth of gear from Wiggle, become a Gold customer, then order the Culebro and you get 5% or £50 off i.e £960. The rest of the budget buy some wheels like the American Classic Aero 420 which by all accounts seem to be pretty hot and recommended by Conehead.

    OR - as we are part way through you may get a good bargain, a friend of mine got a Felt B2 at almost half price from a team that had only been raced for 4 months.
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