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F3 Dorney Duathlon Farce

F3 events has become synonymous with poor time keeping and posting of results. F3 however reached a new nadir when they failed to measure the course properly. The run was only 4.7k for the third race of the series yet it was 5.15k for the second race. This is unforgivable in a race series when most competitors are trying to judge their improvement over a given period. I personally don't mind if the course measurement is not exact, but in a series of races at the same venue it must be a consistent distance.

The posting of results has become a serious issue, when most organizers can get their results out the same or next day, four or five days later for results with such limited information is poor. F3 are letting themselves down and will wither on the vine if they cannot lift their performance. I bet there are no results before Friday.

I shall save my rant about the cycle course for another day.


  • brizzichickbrizzichick Posts: 166
    thought i'd join your rant...the results weren't done that well either....not in the correct order...i came 3rd female in one of the races but they posted me as forth! Had to email them to let them know and they changed it...but I noticed some other names still out of order..one good thing tho...i got a prize for coming third so can't complain too much...
  • catmanducatmandu Posts: 1
    I raced the second duathlon (15/03/09) and was surprised how long it took to get the result up. So much so I thought there must be something wrong with the results. When the results came out I calculated my split times and found my second run time equalled my first run time (which in reality it did not). I then looked at all competitors and they ALL had run2 = run1. Obviously they lost all the finish times and had to estimate them.

    There was also finish times where the cycle leg was one lap short but the result still stood. It was so obvious I can't believe it escaped the scrutiny of whoever posted the results.

    I queried F3 Events about the run time issue and they did not respond. They have since taken down the results but still have the novice results posted. Same problem with those too.

  • I agree, F3 events do not come across as professional at all. The events aren't cheap and to not even get a time at the end is really bad. I did the 10K in March, no results and the distance was apparently 10.3K! Then I did the duathlon in April and although results were given, I just found out (above) that the run was on 4.8k. Shame as I thought i'd got faster!

    For an organisation who solely organises these types of events, they should be getting the distances atleast right! It is frustrating for athletes who have entered the series and want to monitor their performance over the months.

    Certainly put me off doing another F3 event.
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Dont get me started on these guys. Last years evening tri's were well run but for some reason the duathlons have been a mess. I dont trust any of their results now. Worth looking elsewhere for races I reckon.
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