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Giant TCR first bike- help needed

hi, I am looking to buy my first road bike to do a tri. I think a tidy new one is out of my price range and going to see a second hand bike tomorrow. Just wanted some advice on it incase I made the wrong decision.

The owner didnt seem to knowladgeable about the bike but this is what i have been told by him:

Giant TCR (owner says ther wasnt any other model no)

approx 4 years old so (so 2004 or later)

carbon seat post

mavic wheels


and cost £750 new, selling for £280 ono

Anyone know anything about this bike, is this a good price?


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    If you know how to fit it to yourself, the fit is good and there is no damage I would say try and get it for £250 cash! (I think I may have been watching too much of the apprentice, the staff in asda really don't get haggling!)
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