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Thyroid problems


I have just got back some blood tests that suggest hyperthyroidism: TSH 0.01, T3 10.2, T4 30, have yet to see doctor. I am concerned that when I see her she will suggest stopping training to prevent strain on heart although I have probably been training on it for ages! I am doing half marathon in May, Wimbleball 70.3 in June and various other sprints and standards so the last thing I want to do is stop training. Anyone else have any experience of training with an over active thyroid? I will be absolutely gutted if I can't train or race and the strain of that might be worse for my heart!!!! My heart is fine while training (average heart rate same as always) but can take a while to recover after and heart beat is very noticeable in the evening after a hard session or two. If anyone has had problem how long has treatment taken to kick in and have they used beta blockers to help get back to training more quickly? Any advice or ideas needed.


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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    Hi Tribird

    This is designed to be supportive - not advice!

    Sounds like a right bummer, but i guess you have to listen to your doctor whatever he/she says. That way you'll live to race again! But i feel for you, keep you head right whatever happens, if you have to give a few races a miss try to put a positive spin on it - you might be able to use the time to focus on your nutrition, flexibility or other not-so-strenuous type stuff. You'll come back better.

    All that said, you might be fine! Happy days!!!
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    tribirdtribird Posts: 5
    Thanks for support, I know it will be OK eventually, just gone into panic mode!
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