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sore outside of knee

looking for opinions - went on a long cycle (for me anyway) yesterday of about 65km, we did this is in around 2 hours 10 mins - was of varied terrian / road condition with around 15 km of a hills relativley fast climbs (again for me) - when we finished I noticed a slight pain on the outside of my knee where the thick tendon joins the bone (i think), worse today .......... would this just be considered to be more strain due to higher tempo cycling / extra distance as have never had any issue with set up on the bike and was fitted to my TT bike by a very respected cyclist - any opinions welcomed .............

Also anyone ever suffer from numb feet - I seem to get them after 25 / 30km ......... not sure if its cold or circulation ??!!?!?


  • JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    There are more expereinced people than me on here, but I suffered similar last year and it was down to my saddle being too low. Pain occurred in a similar place. I recently had a bike fit assessment and it was identified as being the potential cause.
  • waterdogwaterdog Posts: 2

    Sounds very similar to a problem I had last year which turned out to be ITB syndrome, where the ITB down the outside of my thigh had tightened and was pulling on the outside of the knee. Have you tried a foam roller on the outside of your thigh and some streteches to target the ITB? I went on a routine of these and had massage to target the area and it soon cleared up.

    Hope this helps and your recovery goes well.
  • clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    Dude i suffer from both from time to time, well numb feet permanently!

    As jon says it may be poor seat position i found it hurts more when im tired and pulling more on the recovery part when pedalling
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