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A question of Pedals?

Ok, so i've been riding bikes for about 25 years now, in the early days i used toe clips and straps then at some point (don't quite remember when, probably around 7 yrs ago?) i switched to SPD SL pedals and cleats.

The only rationale for this is when i bought them a mate said he used SPD SL pedals and thought they were great...

Now i'm in the market for a new bike i guess i should also look at pedal options to go with it....

....so what are your thoughts, should i stick with SPD SLs or is there a better alternative, and what do you prefer to use?


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    iangriffiangriff Posts: 48
    All i can offer is, if you've used them for about 7 years and got on with them why change? You could always stick with the same model but go for the ones of a higher spec,ie Ultegra instead of 105's.

    My first clipless venture has been with the look keo classic, and would recommend them.

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