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How many is too many?

Newbie triathlete, and newbie'ish forum member.

Posted my first forum entry earlier this week, and outlined my race entries for the year.

25/04 Llandovery (1:32)

03/05 Cardiff Try-a-tri

10/05 Stratford

21/06 Henley on Thames

01/08 London

06/09 Cotswolds

04/10 Warwick

Logic behind plan was a baptism of fire with the first three (back-to-back weekends), then breaks between future events in order to review and focus on weaknesses. Also, Stratford and Warwick are run over the same course, and therefore would be interesting to see if there is any improvement with an addtional five months of trianing.

However, certain comments seem to imply that seven events in a year is quite a few. My logic was that all these events are only sprints, and I should finish them in between 1:15 (I wish) and 1:40'ish, which is less time than my usual evening workouts or weekend training sessions, and therefore recovery time should be sufficient that I can treat a race as an intense workout.

Have i deluded myself, and bitten off more than I can chew. Discuss!


  • Now I look at it, that is quite a lot, but I have just counted up what I am doing and I have eight events planned. The last one being New Forest 70.3. I think as long as you pick one or two as an 'A' race, then treat the others as part of your build up to the main events then you should be fine.

    I am doing two Oly distance races, an aquathlon and a sportive as well as a couple of sprints. I will be using all these races as part of the training for the 70.3. Unfortunately for me, my other A race is the first one of the season as it is my Club champs!
  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    I think your plan is fine.

    The baptism of fire idea may be the start of 'new thinking' triathlon for begineers! But you better be fit enough to hold on for all three back-to-backs. I did my first last sunday and have somehow been swayed into doing another this sunday. My only concern is that i started to wind down the training middle of last week (in prep for first tri) and haven't had a solid weeks training this week either (as i didn't know i was doing this sundays race until yesterday), so i'm a little concerned my performance may suffer. I would think that this is a bad thing if you're a newbie, you want to keep getter better in the first few races, not going backwards!

    Anyway, i like it, i think its a good plan and you have my vote.
  • gdh250467gdh250467 Posts: 237
    Only time will tell on the back-to-back issue, so I'll report back after the weekend.

  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    That is quite a hardcore initiation month. Id be inclined to say treat the 3 weeks of racing as a group, so build up intensity in each successive race, so you dont overcook it. Ive read that people say dont do intense brick sessions every week, so this could be an extreme of that. That being said, I reckon 7-8 events a year is fine if, like conspiracy theory said, you prioritise them and build up to the A races. Its not lie we have 12 months of sunshine anyway, so best to make the most of it while we can.

    Gary, new pic I see. I like the bow-wave of speed.

    Congrats on your first races guys!
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    As long as you are recovering in between then there cab never be to many!
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    You can do whatever you want!

    The risks are that 1) you might get injured 2) you won't necessarily go as fast as you want/could.

    You're only looking at a commitment of an hour or so of "exercise" a week... if you wanted, you could just do the races and no training whatsoever... which would be quite a low total volume, so it is quite achievable.

    It will be great fun - you just need to make sure that you don't train too much and get injured.

    You could do easy/recovery runs/rides - concentrate on technique in the swimming, and treat your races as "quality" training sessions.

    Whatever happens, I don't think you'll have a problem with the sprints! Just enjoy.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Looks ok to me, only you forgot one on purpose in July haven't you?![;)]
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Stratford? Time & number please....
  • pataallenpataallen Posts: 94
    looks fine to me...i think its a question of commitment and robustness

    ...i knew a couple of guys when i was at uni who did TA SAS selection....now that was a tough regime every weekend!!!
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