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getting ill before a race

Hi All

I've been training for a few months now and after a last weekend of training doing my first open water swim(in freezing water) in Heron lake on the Saturday and a long cycle in the pouring rain on Sunday I've come down with a spot of flu!!

My first major tri of the season is 3 days away and I feel rubbish and woulod be gutted if I missed it. Does anyone think it will be worthwhile holding out and hope on making the race or should I just say it's no good and wait until next time.




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    JessterJesster Posts: 482
    If youre not feeling really up for it on the day, i'd say scratch it. Save it for another day when youre firing. But thats just my opinion. [:)]
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    had same problem, this week, take it easy, plenty of paracetmol, lemsip, rest etc. look up post "please tell me i can make it" from monday got plenty of good advice and will def. be ready for weekend, thanks to all.
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