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First timer

Hi People, I'm andy 39 years old...just signed up for my first tri.....doing liverpool...only supersprint cause i'm very unfit at the moment after 5 years of not doing much following giving up footy due to a back injury.

I'm nervous about the open water swim but i'm gonna put in the hours and i've got 7 weeks to get in shape....i know i can finish but i want to enjoy it and move up to a sprint next time (this is just a taster) so we'll see how it goes.....at least its a start right??

any tips or encouragement will be gratefully received and i'm also looking for kit (hint hint) so if anybody is selling anything cheap pm me and i'll consider buying it.

hope to make some new mates in this sport too.


  • gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    you'll be fine, you can get lessons in outdoor swimming depending on where you are, so try your local tri club!
  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    cheers mate i'll do that
  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    last night i managed 550 mtr swim.....thats the most i've swam for probably 25 years, though i didnt do it non stop...i'm working up to that.

    today i've just done 10k cycle and 1.8k run...not quite race distance i know but i'm in my first proper week of training so i think it might be going ok.

    OW still worries me but i've got a wetsuit rented and on the way so i'm gonna find a club i can go for a few sessions with i hope.

    i'll keep you posted, please keep the tips and encouragement coming
  • Hi Andy,

    I'm doing this triathlon too - going to sign up for the Sprint tho.

    Not got my wetsuit yet, but will order it at the weekend. Mersey tri club do open water sessions, and I'm going to join I think.

  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    nice one Mattew, i considered the sprint cause i'm confident i could get round the bike and run parts but the swim convinced me...it was either the SS or find a pool based one so i decided to plump for the OW and hopefully do a Sprint next time (nw tri probably with maybe another SS inbetween)

    if you go to www.fun2tri.co.uk there is a link to a shop that will rent you a wetsuit for the season for £25.

    unfortunately for me i live in chorley so cant commit to the mersey tri club, i emailed them yesterday to ask if i could join them just for a couple of OW training sessions but they knocked me back....not their fault, just looking after the members they have which is understandable....i'm hoping chorley tri club have some sessions organised.

    stay in touch mate, maybe we can say hello on the day
  • Thanks mate!

    I'm hoping that i can improve my swimming enough to do the sprint one - bike and running should be ok (fingers crossed anyway!)

    Thanks for the heads up on the wetsuit. i'll get that sorted as soon as i've joined the mersey tri club.

    if chorley tri doesn't do open water swimming, try preston tri club as they might.

    i'll keep you posted and hope to see you on the day.

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