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tips to get out of a wet suit quick

get someone to put a snake in it


  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    who's got any??

  • AndreAndre Posts: 103
    You mean like this..? http://www.racezone3.com/flash/videos/timer.swf [No snakes involved, sorry!] A good-quality, well-fitting wetsuit normally slips on and off easier, but...

    For the most part, you'll have a bit of a run between getting out of the water and reaching transition, so use that time to get the top half off; for the bottom half, invest in a little wetsuit lube - not only does it help against any hotspots (neck/groin), but it'll also help too ease it off.
  • MowfMowf Posts: 272
    Lube you wrists and ankles with water based lube.

    A nice one that i will be trying this year came from Jodie Swallow in a recent issue of 220. Tuck your zip cord into your swim hat so that you can find it easily when you get out. When you get up onto dry land after the swim you'll be dizzy and jelly legged - flapping around trying to grab your cord is the last thing you want. If you have a long run to transition 1 you will want your wetsuit down round your waste as soon as you can.
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749

    I've been putting my westsuit on then jumping in the shower, trisuit underneath (reminds me, I need to cut the washing instruction off my trisuit as it annoys the hell out of me). Out of the shower, wetsuit off, helmet on, cycle shoes on then jump on the turbo... The wife thinks I've lost my mind.

    Coma... you need to change your signature man, its horrible!

  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    hahahahaahahahaha....see you wont believe this but now i know where i was going wrong....i had it on backwards....zip at the front...no wonder i couldnt get out of it.....dont laugh.
  • julesojuleso Posts: 279
    Apparently it's not a good idea to take your goggles off straight away but to put them up on your forehead - so you're not holding them while you try to unzip. The other half found this out last year through bitter experience...
  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    thanks conehead, unfortunatley i'm unable to make the 17th or i would have already booked it...although i do need to spend a bit on swim coaching and have bought a new bike.
  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    well i've my first race on the 21st which i expect to just be a learning event for me....after i've done it if i think i need the help i'll come along
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