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House to rent near Kitzbuhel in Austria


Just like anyone to know whos interested, Ive got an apartment house I rent out for skiing in the Winter and for for tri training in the summer. The ITU World series in Kitzbuhel is only 5 minutes away. http://www.triathlon.kitz.net/triathlon/en/

We have our own lake 2 minutes walk away which is ideal for training in. Its about 4/500 metres across. The village itself is 800 metres above sea level rising to 2000 metres at the top of the mountain.

There are 3 bedrooms accomodating 6/8 depending on how well you know each other. I also have access to more accomodation in the area if required. Its getting very popular now with English football teams pre season tours due to the weather.

You can view the accomodation here. www.kirchberg.co.uk

Anyone wanting further details, feel free to e-mail from the web site. Im afraid my own participating days may be too much, though we do enjoy getting the bikes out and cycling over there especially in the valleys. Im left supporting my step son getting ready for his first Ironman this year which is a bit ironic as we are based in Sherborne and now having to travel to Bolton. Last years IM certainly inspired him into taking part this year

Good luck to anyone doing IM 2009 (or London this w/e)

Steve N.


  • I can't afford it and I don't have the time of work to go away but that is beautiful. Looks a the hills. Look at the views.

    Your a lucky man.
  • jafajafa Posts: 6
    Thank you,

    The problem with Austria in general in the summer is people dont realise the advantages available both for the views and the training opportunities. A lot of the Premier League Football clubs are now switching to the alps because its warm, but not stifling hot like the Med. Even when it rains, its generally over with quickly.

    But from a tri training perspective, its perfect. Not only from the weather point of view but the facilities. Nearly all the villages have their own lake, and the temp averages over 20C in July/August. You can either cycle on the roads along the valley floor and in the main the roads are very quiet. Or go mountain biking up the mountains, to really increase the cardio training. The fact that the World Championships go in the main to City locations is a bit of a coup for Kitzbuhel with a population of only 8k. I also have a friend who has a house on the shores of the Worthersee in Carinthia where the Klagenfurt IM takes place. Now thats a lot hotter down there.

    The house itself is 150sq metres which is twice the size of a normal English 4bed detached over 3 floors. We have had 12 sleeping there when we went out for New Year, but 6 or 8 comfortably.

    I truly beleive that when people start going out there its one of these areas that will just grow and grow. I plan to move out there full time when our 16yr old finally leaves home. Theres nothing like training with the sun on your back but having the views of the Alps as a backdrop.

    You can self drive out there in about 10 hours from the tunnel/ferry.
  • Fat BoyFat Boy Posts: 1
    Are you booked up over the weekend of the 11th and 12th July?
  • jafajafa Posts: 6
    Unfortunately, no doubt the reason you need accomodation, the ITU Worlds are in Kitzbuhel, and Ive already got a booking then. I can get you B & B in Westendorf which is only another 10kms away if any good?
  • jenny7jenny7 Posts: 1
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