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Winged flying things doin my head in!!

Alright All,

Went out for a great 45 mile ride today.. along with millions of winged creatures!! I have pretty short hair and a Giro helmet so flys just seem to navigate their way inside my helmet and scratch about in there - really irritating.

What if anything do peolpe wear under there cycle helmets to prevent this - i.e seen some caps under helmets on the Tour. What sort of caps are these? Are they cycle specific caps that also stay cool?




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    Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63
    Over here in Oz we have a fair amount of 'flying things' as well, I personally use a shorty cap from headsweats, I find this not only stops the little b****rs but also help keep sweat out of my eyes as I have a tendency to 'leak' a lot.

    The link below should take you to the Coolmax Shortys, they also have the cotton cycling caps but I have not used these.


    I had a few of them shipped from US to Oz in about a week, but I expect you can get them in the UK.

    And yes, they do have red for all of the speed freaks! - I prefer white myself, although I have got a yellow one to match my tri club shirt.


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    learnerlearner Posts: 100
    spooky, whilst at my local bike shop the other day i saw a campagnolo cycle cap which goes under your helmet, really looks cool in yellow, black or super fast red. i do sometimes use a scull cap but mainly in winter, i think you can get thin ones tha don't heat up too much though. if you don't mind looking like captain jack sparrow i have seen people wearing bandanas under their helmets. not my choice but variety and all that. basic theory i think is once it gets wet with sweat the wind will cool you down anyway. you could always shave/wax your head so the bugs slide straight off.
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    this is a really good point actually because though i haven't had to much trouble with bugs which is probably because of the irish climate we have, i do have problems with sweat.

    In the eyes, behind the shades, its difficult for me to deal with. i will look into perhaps the skull caps or the shortys as mentioned above.

    Or in fact, just thinking as anyone any experience of the device from 'aquasphere' - it looks like a pipecleaner or straw that goes around your head just like a headband?

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