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I can read the last chapters!!

12 weeks ago started from zero fitness and couldn't swim 2 lengths front crawl .....used Eric Harrs book and Joe Beers book as bibles for my training and set out to do the sprint in cheshire....

Well now i can read the final chapters 'What Next' having completed the sprint today!!![:D][:D]...and it was all everyone has ever said about the personal challenge, the spirit, the fantastic folks who help out on the way, the speed it all passes (even the run in those temps today).

Started the day of badly when i got bike out of car and had a rear flat!..was one of my big fears because i never practised changing the tubes, and especially on the back..luckily read on one of the forums to always bring two tubes...one in the car one on the bike....was freaking a little..'gonna miss my start time , people have come to watch, i can't race..etc'''

...then remembered one of Eric Harrs advice sections to slow everything down, no good swearing at the bike (well for too long anyway)...calmed down, fiddled about, changed the tyre and all was good......in a strange way it sorted me for the race as i thought 'conquered that everything else should be ok'...

Swim passed in a blur of hats , kicking arms and feet, to be honest i had my pace and stuck to it well...no swim nemesis today...

Bike was supposed to be an easy flat run...well i found plenty of hills to climb and lots of rutted road when we went out to the sticks...however managed to get my 12 year MTB past a couple of guys on racers who had passed me early on so that was pretty cool.

Run was very tough..had stitch coming off the bike...think i took on too much water and nuun, paraniod about the heat...but the marshalls were fantastic shouting at everyone....my family only saw me twice because the kids wanted fair ground ride/burgers/ice cream etc...however they made it to see me burst through the finish line (i opened up legs with about 6 feet left)..

Managed a time of 1hr 29mins which i am delighted with, as originally had set a finish target of 1:45...loads to work on (especially swimming), investment in a road bike will be next...and of course some counselling to stop this forum addiction i have developed!....I learnt loads from my books, but lots more from the folks that reguarly post on here......thanks.....


  • Ron99Ron99 Posts: 237
    Well done mate - very respectable time, especially in the heat today! Sounds like you enjoyed yourself anyway. Good to get over the small challenge with the bike, but it does go to show that keeping a cool head is the most important thing when you have a glitch. Onwards and upwards!
  • steve785steve785 Posts: 52
    dude i was there today im still goosed!!! the heat was relly hard to compete with, i got off my bike and on the 1st lap i thought what the f!!$$%%&? am i doing done this course twice last year got 1hr 10mins today bit gutted my brother in law beat me again what do i have to do.......the ba....%%$&d!!! glad you enjoyed it dude its a way of life now good luck!![:D][8|][:'(]
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