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Barton Marina Sprint aftermath

Competitors crossing the finish line shouting "that was brilliant" just total blew me away as in all of my years in triathlon I have never seen weather like it.

BIBLICAL might be the best turn of phrase used to describe events of yesterday.

The whole event weekend from my personal point of view was a total nightmare from setting up in similar weather to the event day on saturday to running the event on the sunday and panicking that everyone would get though safe and sound to taking down after all had gone home. All of which leaves me today a broken man who on opening my email this morning and expecting the worse was shocked by the messages of support from all who attended yesterday( 30 emails and texts so far).

Thank you, it has really made a difference knowing that in some kind of masocistic way you found pleasure in the event and weather to boot.

My thanks go out to all of the competitors who battled through and conquered. To my wife who never gets the plaudits on the masses of work she puts in, not only on race day but the weeks preceding, Mike and Stu from Bridgtown Cycles who managed to stand there all morning with probably 20 grands worth of carbon wheels blowing around on the gazebo like a very expensive wind charm and still maintaining a professional service to all that needed it. And last but by no means least all of the marshalls from MVH Tri club who are all heroes in my eyes for not only standing out there and doing al fantastic job but to do it in such an enthusiastic manner.

If you can see past the weather and see that the course race venue and course is quality then I really need your support for the Sprint/Standard event that's runs on AUGUST 9th as entries are really low. So please get your entries in now.

The swim for the standard race utilise both lakes and provides a fantastic spectacle for the spectators.


simon smith


p.s Conehead even graced us with his presence looking ever so slightly crispy round the edges. Nice to see you mate and apologies if I looked a bit grumpy.


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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655

    I cannot add to what you write above except my own thanks to all those who competed/marshalled/spectated/pointed & laughed at the funny people in the deluge, the courteous drivers out on the course, the fun of watching Conehead tent wrestling, the pub onsite allowing us sodden warriors in to drip on their carpets, leave grass in the bathroom & generally make the place untidy, the coffee shop for keeping Lady Britspin a little dryer than she might have been, Bathtub for shouting my name at every available opportunity, jon.E for just being there & such a nice chap & you and your lovely lady wife for putting all that effort in to be conspired against & still coming up smiling. I like the idea of a) renaming it Thundertri b) you leading an aerobic style warm up with your head mike.

    Oh & thanks to Andy Teagle for refereeing & keeping us all safe & Rosa for support. Think thats it.
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    sporty160sporty160 Posts: 11
    I think everyone did a fantastic job given the conditions, the only downside that I heard amongst competitors and marshalls was that the only reward for the competitors was a bottle of water and also the the marshall's were promised a goody bag for the hard efforts but never received one. I think the event was well organised and would definitely do this event next year
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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    A most excellent race,well worth the getting up at 4am and the two and half hour drive to get there.The support and company,Mr and Mrs Britspin was superb.If there was a downside it had to be that the clothing in the Bridgetown Gazebo didn't get blown into the lake,so as to allow us to purchase half price water damaged stock.
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    bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Well done to eveyone who competed at Barton yesterday, a superlative performance by all in adverse weather conditions.

    I salute you all.
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