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Hello, from a scared newbie!

Hi Juniacroode

Welcome to the madhouse! But if you've been lurking for a while you know that already.

I think your amazing! Signing up for an OD for your first tri takes courage. You obviously have what it takes to complete the OD already - because its what's inside that will get you through just as much as your training.

Keep us up to speed with your training and stuff, i hope to do an OD myself before the end of the year.



  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    Juniacroode wrote:

    I know many will not be able to relate to just wanting to finish

    au contraire. I think there are LOTS here that will/can relate to that, to the extent that many (and at least me FWTW!) would say as tri number one for you that should be your focus above all else.

    You'll be fine. Good luck!


    PS he'll be along shortly anyways so i'll say it for him... get yourself on Conehead's training day ;-)

  • JuniacroodeJuniacroode Posts: 51
    Hello! I've been lurking a few weeks and decided I should introduce myself. I'm a nearly 30 (in 30 days-bleh!) year old stay-at-home mum and have crazily signed up for the London Tri OD in August. I'm doing it for charity in memory of my daughter. I was only approached by the charity about 6 weeks ago, at which time I decided that day I would just have to say yes to it or I never would. I also figured I might as well go for it and do an OD. Stupid...probably so! I'm average weight and not hideously unfit, but wouldn't have said I was fit either except for very specific strengths regarding rock climbing. I've done a lot of outdoorsy stuff in the past, hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing, but have never done anything particularly athletic like this. So, I'm totally starting from scratch here and only have a few months to go!

    I am currently following the beginnertriathlete.com 3x balanced program and it seems to be going fine. I do the times suggested and have no problem with it but I do worry that I'm probably not covering the same distances other people are b/c basically I am the slowest runner (if I can even call it a run!) on Earth and while I'm decent on the bike, I do only have a mountain bike (it was quite a good one when i bought it some 5 years ago-good components, etc) and have yet to put road tyres on it yet.

    I've only taught myself to do the front crawl with proper breathing in the past month but have seen some serious improvements. I could barely do a few lenghts last month without swallowing half of the pool and having to stop to cough it all out whereas now I can quite easily do 750 m and don't feel it is a serious struggle (yet I know it is only half the distance I need and it hasn't been practiced in OW). A swimming coach at this supersprint pre-event training session told me last week I had a good stroke and that I should take a masterclass. I was pleased with that as I've been seriously anxious about the swim.

    Anyway, long story short, I just want to finish the race. I'm doing a supersprint in June to get used to the whole thing and will work in some OW sessions before August. I know many will not be able to relate to just wanting to finish but considering last month I wasn't really doing anything cardio, I will be quite happy with myself to have completed such a distance. I say this now but to be honest I can aleady see my life becoming obsessed by this whole thing, so yeah, maybe when my fitness levels are up I might be looking at some times :)
  • JessterJesster Posts: 482
    Welcome to the forum!

    It may seem a little daunting at first what with all the boys puffing their chests out and comparing flash bikes and times but really everyone on here is super helpful and encouraging and you'll get all the help you need.

    Just focus on training regularly and enjoying it too and come race day you'll be just fine. And clock in with us regularly! [:D]
  • squareclaresquareclare Posts: 99
    welcome to the forum, u will get a lot of brilliant tips hear but if u have been lerking for a while you will know that. i am also quite new to all this just done my frst tri and enjoyed it so much! i will also be a london olympic in august, anyway i think you willl find that after a while things begin to really click into place, anyway hope you the best for ur training

  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Jesster wrote:

    with all the boys puffing their chests out

    HOW VERY DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JessterJesster Posts: 482
    .....and prancing about like show ponies in their lycra.....
  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Jesster wrote:

    .....and prancing about like show ponies in their lycra.....

    Fair ennuf, I'll give you that one...........

  • JessterJesster Posts: 482
    Hate to see you go, boys. (sigh)

    But i love to watch you leave..... [;)]
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Sounds like you'll be fine - good luck with it!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Us boys like the ladies to puff their chests out too...
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Hi Juniacroode and welcome! Kudos to you for taking the plunge, you have more courage than most of us! Please post your charity website for donations! Good luck, the people on this forum are great support and encouragement!
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    you'll be fine - much braver than me -doing the sprint in London - look forward to hearing how you do and if you can do the 1st day of the newbi training that would be great as thus far I'm the only girl[:)]
  • Cheryl6162Cheryl6162 Posts: 356
    Conehead, you the boy again!

    Good luck juniacroode - you're in safe hands and we'll be rooting for you all the way!
  • brizzichickbrizzichick Posts: 166
    wow an Oly for your second tri! very impressive[:)] ....we're all behind you...good luck
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Yeah for sure- good luck with that! Will be fine I'm sure especially with Coneheads expert tutorage!
  • jjleonardjjleonard Posts: 16
    Hello! I've only been on here a couple of days myself, and I've found the welcome and advice to be absolutely first class. May I wish you the very best of luck in competing in your first OD - I wish I had the experience and guts to commit to an OD in six weeks! (I'm comitting to my first in all of, erm.... 15 months.)

    I could probably commit to sponsoring you, though.... details?

  • trevtritrevtri Posts: 39
    Hi ya Junia croode sounds like you have the commitment and the reason for doing this they are a good lot on here and very helpfull me and gary R have just completed our first sprint and a lot of tips have been picked up from here you have a very good mentor if you take up Conehead on his offer good luck you will do it and keep us posted and get the details of the charity up you will find that everyone in this sport is very helpful and only willing to help.

    best of luck

  • JuniacroodeJuniacroode Posts: 51
    Thanks so much for all of your replies, the support has made me feel phenomenal! Sorry Conehead, I will get back to you just now. I was out running-4 miles-felt great, and then had to do a Tesco shop (which I think should count as a training session it is so taxing). I'm doing the race for Tommys Baby Charity, I'll put a link to my website as soon as it is up and running (just got info the other day for that). Thanks again everyone, you're great!
  • JuniacroodeJuniacroode Posts: 51
    Me again. I literally just made the webpage for my charity (Tommys Baby Charity) so it is at a rather unimpressive £0 now but should be at least working. Please check it out and also let me know if there are any problems with it. Thanks so mcuh! http://www.tommys.org/juniacroode
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Juniacroode - you are an inspiration to all of us, you can do it! Your fundraising has just started and I am happy to have been the first one to donate a small amount to a great cause!

    At the same time I have made a decision to take the plunge - I will also do the London Triathlon OD and have registered with a charity for a place. My first tri (sprint) is only on Monday, but to see how much courage you have made me just go for it.

    I am in a similar position in regards to triathlon background, ahh ... actually no because I have none, not even MTB, but I believe with hard training and willpower we can overcome all other challenges. My focus now is to do the sprint, then increase base fitness for longer distance, get over the scary open water thing and sort out the whole swimming mess.

    Any recommendations from the board on wetsuit hire and maybe road/race bike hire for the event in August (I live in Kingston and work in London)? As usual cash is king, or in this case not, so would like to train and compete on my commuter bike, but use a proper one for London OD.

  • JuniacroodeJuniacroode Posts: 51
    Thanks so much for your donation just2tri!

    And that is so awesome you are doing the London Tri OD too-woowoo! We can track our progress together, we can do it, or at least drown trying ;)

    Good luck for Monday!!!
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Happy to help and glad to know that I am not the only mad person, but then again, this is why I like this forum - a madhouse! [:)][;)]
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