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Virgin Tri-athlete

Help needed!

i have been running for approx 1 year, completed a few half marathons, 10k etc, i am desperate to train for a triathlon but need advice on how to get fitted out with correct equipment (pref on the cheap) and advice on training clubs.

Paul Surrey


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    iangriffiangriff Posts: 48

    It's well easy to go kit mad in tri and spend loads.

    so first up do you have a race in mind that will be your first event?

    If so what is the distance & is it an open water swim.

    Like yourself I came from a running back ground and was put off in entering a race as i didn't have a road bike. My first event was a pool based sprint.

    I made a few simple upgrades to my MTB, slick tyres bigger front chain ring and off i went.

    Do you have a bike at the moment?

    I guess it depends on how competitive you are, spending the money can buy the gear to save you time in transition and a nice road bike is quicker than a MTB and so on.

    Post a little more on what you might have planned and you get all the answers on this site

    All the best

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