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wheel upgrade


I pickup my new "custom" Pearson pave on sat (decided against a tri bike as lots of hills on planned races) - it comes with mavik aksysium wheelset but I still have an option to upgrade. Any opinions appreciated on the cost benefit of going to ksysium equips or elites

Cheers in advance


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    chapperschappers Posts: 97
    Cheers- budget already taking a beating but trying to future proof myself and not think "should gone for the upgrade" in six months time. Elites are 280 upgrade (offset against aksysiums) so prob 400 budget. The carbon sounds pricey but always open to advice
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    chapperschappers Posts: 97
    Thanks for the offer- very kind and very much appreciated. Though I had another thought and decided to go for a turbo trainer instead- the extra training may benefit me more than lighter wheels (remind me I said that when climbing 1:4s at the hellvelyn tri).

    May have enough left over for one of your rookie days tho ;-)
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    [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    Conehead wrote:

    Hmmm - the 85mm carbon's are £999 retail and the 50mm £750 retail - I can get you a hefty discount on those but not for £400.

    I could get you these for £400 not inc postage


    Those American Classics are I nice deal for £400

    Now where can I find the money and how can I hide them from the girlfriend!

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    chapperschappers Posts: 97
    Fek it, I'm being deflowered of my tri virginity at the forgoodness shakes sprint at dorney lake on the 28th June. I know it's not like cramming for an exam, but if u reckon it's worth it I'll sign up.

    Good luck with the review- with all the positives on the forum, you're bound to have a flood of sign ups and world domination moving one step closer ;-)
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