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Tempted to Tri

My husband took up training for Tri's at the beginning of the year and he's absolutely mad for it!! so much so I can feel myself getting more drawn to the sport myself......I've even started to read 'How Triathlon Ruined My Life' and find it impossible to put down.....I went to support my husband last week when he officially became a triathlete and I loved the buzz in the air...I thought to myself I want to be a part of that buzz!! My only problem is, I can barely swim, I'm scared of road biking and I get stitch when I run....... is there anyone here who was in the same position as I am when they took up the sport? do I have a chance at becoming a part of that 'buzz' and do you have any tips for a real novice of where to start?

Any thoughts welcome [8|]


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    your not married to Gary Roberts the immortal god?

    Is this global domination of the Roberts???
  • I am married to a Gary Roberts yes.........an immortal God?...No
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    OMG.,,,,,,, OMG,,,,,

    We are being taken over.... Gary is a legend around these parts.

    Gary, you have absolved yourself of all WAT........

    What happens if you post better times than Gary.... hahaha
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,Everyone who starts out in getting fitter feels the same,the more you do the easier it gets.Don't worry about feeling embarressed etc,if you are a member of a gym that has a swimming pool a good general fitness session takes in most of the qualities required for a triathlon,warm up on the bike,walk/jog on the treadmill and a cool down in the pool,all 3 disciplines done without having to think about it.it just comes down to slowly building up your time in each.Of the 3 swimming is the one that most competitors tend to dislike,it is rare to meet a triathlete who excels in all 3.Swimming is confidence to do the distance,I am quite sure after a few sessions in the pool slowly and surely building up the distances without rests.Doing front crawl is not compulsory so if you feel better doing breaststroke ,so be it.

    Finding a quiet road for biking these days is often hard ,so maybe look at going out at times when the roads are quieter,the nights are getting shorter,so early morning/late night training is an option.

    Your stitch could be due to a number of things,dehrdration,too much liquid/food that has not been digested,if you get a stitch,which again is very common even in more experienced athletes,stop and bend down to touch your toes.I wish you the best,soon you will be showing Mr Roberts how to do it,so is his WAT cancelled by your HAT now???
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Mrs Roberts,

    Honestly we all start somewhere and there are lots of new folks starting out. Take it easy and feel free to ask whatever questions you want.

    PS get coneheads book, if Gary doesn't already have it

    I could hardly run and hadn't been on a bike in years. I've now completed two sprints and heading for 3rd and forth in 3 weeks then onto open water sprint and then an olympic distance. Its key that you use training and focus on quality rather than quantity.

    A decent bike will always help and then its a matter of moving from there. With regards to the swimming, I was always a decent swimmer and then I went to a tri club and got a few lessons as well and they really got me sorted.

    Good luck and keep at it we are all with you.
  • j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
    Mrs Roberts, all I can say is that there are a fair few people who have started from your position. As long as you are healthy enough to partake in exercise you can take it a week at a time and gradually increase what you can do. If the buzz has already got you this will only increase as your fitness improves and you begin to love training.

    This website will provide no end of support in terms of encouragement and information
  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    is his WAT cancelled by your HAT now???

  • jellybellyjellybelly Posts: 42
    Hello Mrs Roberts and welcome!!

    I'm not actually done a tri - yet - but I fully intend to very soon!

    My background is one of total non-fitness. I had run a few 5k but injured myself (shin splints) and was never really a runner, so soon gave that up.

    I'd had a bike, to get to the pub on but not much more. And found myself going out more, longer and doing some gentle MTBing.

    I'd taught myself to swim and couldn't front crawl for toffee....

    Don't know what flipped but I decided to try tri! Running is still weak - but I do get a buzz from it. I've got a whizzy road bike and even though I thought I'd be scared I'm having too much fun on it to get scared - besides which I'm going as fast as the traffic! I went out with a very patient mate (with broken ribs) the first time which helped loads!

    Swimming I'm having lessons at local pool which have introduced me to a wicked group of people and made me realise that not everyone is an amazing swimmer, that so much is in technique and that I'm not as bad as I thought!

    What has helped - this forum; mates who are in to tris and two books - which I think would generally be scoffed at by "tri experts" but I like them!! They are the Triathlon made easy and the Running made easy books - by the zest people. The running one I got first, and it genuinely got me running me from nothing! It's not rocket science BUT it is incredibly motivational. It has a bit of a women's magazine feel (They're connected to Zest) but I like it. Its got lots of top tips and zero to hero stories - sad to say but when I don't feel like going for a run I'd pick it up and somehow get motivated out the door!

    The tri book is good too - again nothing you wouldn't probably learn on here BUT its all in one book and so friendly and approachable and I am often caught flicking thru it at my desk....

    They are on amazon here


    and here


    Good luck!!!

  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    just sign up...you can get there.....taking the plunge will have you going....just do it...you can!!

    we all believe in you....bout time you did.

    stay safe
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    garyroberts wrote:
    is his WAT cancelled by your HAT now???


    So in that case you can buy each other wetsuits and do Coneheads sprint race at Barton Marina.
  • The WAT hasn't been absolved yet not until I've claimed all outstanding amounts....and there are a fair few left to claim! [;)]

    I'm really encouraged by everyone's comments, my worst area is definitely the swimming, I went today and just find the water goes up my nose & I'm choking and spluttering, panicking when I try and turn my head to intake some air only to find I'm swallowing water.....it's not a good sight!! The biking I know I can get better at as I can conquer my fear of being run off the road by a white van and the running will improve the more I do...is it really worth spending good money on some swimming lessons (bearing in mind the necessary spend on essential items I will now require) or will lots of practise in the pool be enough?
  • j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
    I was wondering the same thing recently and took the plunge (sorry for that, there is no excuse) and the swim lessons have definitely been my best tri-buy. I opted for infinty pool lessons as under water footage can really help. So personally I say swim lessons are a fantastic help, claim some us WAT, sorry Gary!!
  • JuniacroodeJuniacroode Posts: 51
    Go for it! I only joined this forum yesterday so can offer absolutely no advice though ;) I signed up for the Londo Tri OD this August and since doing that, only about 6 weeks ago, I feel so motivated. I also had road fear coming from a more mountain biking background but to be honest that pretty much went away in the first week. I've never run for any distance before but could do a 10k already now, albeit it would be the slowest 10k ever. As far as swimming I was exactly the same! I read a bit about breathing/technique on the internet and watched good swimmers at the pool and actually can do a fair few lengths now without drowning or having to stop at the end of each length and cough out half the pool. I'm no where near to where I need to be and my fitness levels and technique on each discipline seriously need to improve but I think with committment and motivation it will come in time. So I say do it, sign up for something for motivation/goal setting purposes and we new gals can be in it together!
  • brizzichickbrizzichick Posts: 166
    way hey.... someone to give Mr R a run for his money!...your bank accounts are definitely going down[:)]

    Mrs R...i was really bad at swimming...not much better now but here's a couple of tips i got when starting out...when you start doing front crawl do one length and then one of breastroke...this will ease you in to it...another thing...when you take in air (and hopefully not water[;)]) breath out under water...this will help you prepare for the next breath....

    as for cycling....it'll build over time and you'll gain more confidence...go out with gazza as cycling with someone when you start out is a good way to gain confidence...

    as for running...well that's my worse discipline! i started by jogging 1 minute, walking 1 minute, then built up by jog 2, walk 1, jog 3, walk 1...puffing and panting came into this lot quite a bit...and still does! there are loads of training plans on the web....

    i've only done one tri and absolutely loved it...the people are soo friendly and this forum really helps...you can ask the most stupid question and no one laughs (well it's a bit hard to hear the laughter via the web[;)]) and besides...you gotta give gazza a run for his money....

    i do pity your poor bank account tho!
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335

    my first tomorrow and started training 11 weeks ago started from

    1 I couldn't do front crawl, hate water up nose, water is not my favourite habitat- finally cracked it 4 weeks ago - had a lesson, now love my swim sessions, breath every 2 strokes and have a nose clip - 11 weeks ago 15 mins this week 12

    2 Never been on a road bike or had gears - make sure you get a bike YOU want in the COLOUR YOU want and it will become your best friend - in fact you may contemplate kicking MrRoberts out of the marital bed just to enure its safe[:D] 11 weeks ago 1 hr 20 mins last week 53mins

    3 Hadn't run for 25 years and then I was a sprinter - can now mange 5k admitdly in a slow 30 mins but 11 weeks ago it took 50

    Go for it
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    my worst area is definitely the swimming, I went today and just find the water goes up my nose & I'm choking and spluttering, panicking when I try and turn my head to intake some air only to find I'm swallowing water

    Well, I'm kind of in the same position. Never learned to swim as a kid, and 40 odd years later, thought I would have a go! I've entered my first event so am committed. I can now do a length - but that means I just have to work out how to do the other 19 lengths.

    Get some swimming lessons. There is nothing like a target to get you over the wall of fear! But lessons will help.

    The biggest problem is the lack of time, rather than ability/fitness. I've finally got some 1 to 1 lessons. The first one was last Monday - I was working in London. The second one will be a bank holiday - so won't happen. The third I will be away on Holiday. The fourth... not sure if I will be able to make it to that either. Which is really annoying.

    Oh. Doing too much too soon and getting injured is really annoying too!

    Of course, you of all people know how rubbish Gary really is - so if he can do it, you can too! [;)]
  • MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    shadowone1 wrote:

    your not married to Gary Roberts the immortal god?

    Is this global domination of the Roberts???

    Watch out Stephen & Bella Bayliss! Good luck Mrs Roberts.
  • Ron99Ron99 Posts: 237
    Can't agree more with the comments here. At the beginning of this year, I couldn't swim the length of myself and hadn't ridden a bike for about 12 years. With a bit of reading, some coaching/lessons and a fair bit of graft, I'm now swimming every day, running 3/4 times and cycling 80 km a week. One thing is for sure though, there are so many people out there who are only too happy to share the benefit of their experience and offer help and advice, and that has helped me more than anything. It's a great bunch of people in this sport (and this forum), full of enthusiasm and generosity - I'm sure you'll get all the support you need. Plus, I hear Team Roberts is up for a major sponsorship deal any time soon, so you'll not have any worries on the kit front. Do it - you'll love it.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Mrs Roberts wrote:

    The WAT hasn't been absolved yet not until I've claimed all outstanding amounts....and there are a fair few left to claim! [;)]

    Typical taxman approach, no offsetting, no leeway, no escape![:D]

    I can only really echo what everyone else here has said about starting from virtually nothing, so just do it!

    I hadn't been swimming for about 15 years, had not been on a bike since i was about 13 when i started (although i had been running a little) The levels of fitness come on really quickly, particularly if you are sensible about how much training you do (i.e. not too much too soon) and besides you have Gary to help out!
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