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Dislocated collarbone

I've recently dislocated my collarbone (sometimes known as a seperated shoulder) playing rugby. Has anyone suffered such an injury? what sort of recovery time am i looking at - the medics are saying 8 weeks which pretty well rules out the whole of this summer and all the events i had lined up.

any thoughts/suggestions on rehab etc welcome




  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    sorry mate, no advice i'm afraid. i dislocated my shoulder in a motorbike accident 2 years ago and was out for 8 weeks! nothing helped heal it quicker. luckily it was in february so didnt ruin my season too much. good luck, hope you heal up quickly!
  • I had this injury when I went over my bike handlebars. Basically you have snapped some or all of the ligaments which keep your shoulder bone (clavicle) attahced to the shoulder joint, and the bone sticks up a little. Mine was so sever I eventually had an operation in which they borrow a ligament from somewhere els and loop it over the clavicle to pull it back down.

    I would say 8 weeks is probably about right - how far does your bone stick up? Sometimes the remaining ligaments will compensate and pull it back down a little over time. It may get better before 8 weeks but just take it easy. Swimming is going to be difficult, but is probably also the best exercise if you can do it without being too gung-ho.

    Sorry to hear this has happened. At least you should still be able to cycle and run and do some leg drills in the pool.
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    8 to 12 weeks depending on the usual.

    I'd be careful with that too cos they can be a bastard to heal properly.

    Sorry to hear that and no training or weight bearing through the shoulder for at least 6 weeks

  • thanks for the posts - looks like taking it easy is the way forward for the next few weeks, - and stopping playing rugby!
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